Almost April…

March 31, 2008

It’s almost April! April is generally when the weather finally breaks here in Western NY, and starts actually feeling like Spring. I can’t wait! Tomorrows going to be a bit above average and actually make it into the 60s…I’m hoping to get a walk or run in the fresh air! It sucks being cooped up inside for 5 months every year..it’s always exciting when the weather warms up again.

Speaking of warming up..bikini season is just around the corner and I’ve recently weighed in at 143.2. Yay! Still going strong. 17 pounds lost now! I was in a plateau for awhile ( a few weeks) but kept doing what I’ve been doing and it eventually broke and started dropping again a week or so ago. Starting tomorrow I am going to be adding a lot more toning to my schedule. I’m almost where I want to be weight wise so all I need now is to tighten up a few places and drop the remaining 3-5 pounds and I’m set. I’m excited I’ll be able to pull on my swimsuit this year for Ontario Beach Park and not feel uncomfortable in my own skin.

On another note, I haven’t been feeling so great the past week or so healthwise. I’m been experiencing a ton of dizziness and nausea. I tend to deal with it every month or 2 since highschool..but the past week it’s been almost non-stop and seems to worsen if I turn my head left or right for any longer than 10-15 seconds. Over the years I’ve experienced the dizziness and symptoms in a multitude of ways. Sometimes the dizziness is accompanied by chest pain (I had some sharp ones last night which basically drew the last bit of energy I had in me for the day), and other times it just comes on suddenly and I have a “drop-attack” where I suddenly feel really sick, vision starts to blur and fade out, sounds fade out and I drop to the ground, sweating reallly, really badly. I had cardio tests done years ago and was told I have Mitrovalve prolapse and although the tests didn’t say for sure, they -thought- I also had neurocardiogenic syncope..but noone knows for sure. I finally made an appointment to meet with a local doctor in a month to begin having regular visits again, and hopefully get some bloodwork and tests done to really find out what my problem is. Does anyone experience anything I explained and know what it is? I’ve been dealing with it forever and noone seems to ever have answers, and now that it seems to be getting worse lately I need to really push for some answers. I’ll keep everyone updated, hopefully it’s something minor that I can manage and not anything too severe :/

Quick Site Notes…

March 28, 2008

Just a quick note before I go run…

Gallery is back up and running. Needs to be tweaked some more after upgrading the gallery itself but it is now functional..go check it out!

I also figured out how to embed video directly into the blog (as seen in the post below, heehee). It just needed a WordPress Plug-in that actually worked. How crazy is that? 😉

I now want to be an animal trainer.

March 27, 2008



What a weekend!

March 25, 2008

Wow, what a crazy weekend I had for Easter! We drove over to Binghamton to visit Ry’s family on Friday night and basically that was the only part of our trip that went smoothly. I woke up Saturday morning around 7am with an awful migraine headache. I’m not sure if it was sinus problems, caffeine withdrawl (I drink lots of diet soda, and we ran out of it Thursday)..or both! I took every pain killer I could think of and nothing worked. Ick. I managed to numb the pain just enough to venture out briefly Saturday afternoon for some snacks and easter goodies though. We stopped at the mall in Johnson City (I think?) and went to Gertrude Hawk to grab a few boxes of delicious easter smidgens. Some rude lady almost plowed me over as I made my way through the store, but I too miserable from my headache to say anything and just gave her an evil eye and grumbled about it to Ryan. He got me some yummy peanut butter chocolate smidgens, cookies n cream smidgens, a cute green and white plush bunny and a plush 2008 gertrude hawk easter chick. We then stopped at Cinnabon on our way out where he got me a large chocolate chillatte. Aw. He loves me. <3 We finished the night with the Asian horror flick mail with his sister. (It turned out really corny.) My headache didn’t subside until I was going to sleep that night. What luck! Easter itself was great up until we tried to go back home. Ryan announced to his family that we set our wedding date for July 4th of next year and everyone was excited. There was dinner and talking (and some craziness). After everyone left we packed up to head home since Ry had to be at work Monday morning..it didn’t work out that way though! About 20 minutes out on the 81 Rys Grand Am died on us. A sparkplug he had installed just months ago literally flew right out of the socket. We heard a loud pop and then the engine started shaking violently and we had to pull off. Luckily Rys dad was able to get us and took the car to some friends who found the problem and fixed it by noon on Monday (yesterday). We managed to get back on the road in time for him to at least make it to work for a few hours. We were so thankful that it wasn’t some huge car problem that would drain us of all the money we are trying to save for the wedding. The garage that installed the spark plugs are going to get an earful though. Grr.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend and didn’t deal with the crazy junk we did!

Back to crafting and web stuff 😀

Binghamton Easter and Photographer Booked!

March 21, 2008

Well I’m just finishing packing for our Easter in Binghamton with Ry’s family. So cute! It’s always hectic with all the nieces and nephews, but they’re cute. We’re going to go until Sunday night since Ry has to work Monday. It’s the week of the fiscal year end so his jobs being a poop and wouldn’t let him have Monday off. He has floating holidays..isn’t that what those are for? Turds. Oh well. It should be fun anyways, just hectic on the holiday itself.

We also ended up booking the photographer/videographer we went to meet last Saturday. The cost ended up being more than expected, but his style of work, package includes and just overall gorgeousness of the photos totally sold us. So, that means we now have officially booked our Ceremony Site, Reception Site, Catering, Cake, Photography..and Videography! Yay! It’s so fun to watch everything coming into place. We are going to do our Engagement Sitting/Photos when the weather warms up, preferably on one of the beaches around here. Should be neat!

Well I should probably get back to packing and getting ready for the drive. Happy Easter to all those who celebrate!


Photographer meeting :D

March 15, 2008

We are heading out in 10 minutes for our first photographer/videographer meeting, exciting! If we like their work and book we will have the most important things all set! We will still need to book a florist, dj, officiant…annnd..I think that’s it? I’m going to be making all the invites, menus, programs and favors. We -may- also order chair covers to complete the look, budget being the deciding factor.

I’m blogging from a borrowed laptop sitting in bed right now. It is the best. So comfy! As soon as I can afford to i want to get a pimped out Sony Vaio for gaming and everything else computer related. That won’t be anytime soon…but ya, definitely a dream wish right now!

I’m almost finished needle-felting a corgi. He is looking really cute! I just need to finish his face, sew on some eyes and clean up his fur so it’s less fuzzy..although I want it a little fuzzy since he is a dog. I plan on selling him when that is complete. I’ll make sure I put pics up here! 😀

Well I’m off to the meeting, yay!

Stressful week..but we have a date!

March 13, 2008

Sorry about my absence this week! I’ve just been so caught up in a few things and just being flat out stressed that I wasn’t in any mood to try to put it down in a blog. It has all calmed down now though and things have been straightened out. So voila, here I am!

Part of the stress was wedding planning. You would not believe how much a wedding costs! Ours is probably going to be somewhere int he 15-20k mark..which is actually below the average 25k for my area. Isn’t that insane? Ah well..we will work it out. It is going to be a special day 🙂 We went to a meeting yesterday and have set our Ceremony/Reception Place and date.

July 4th, 2009

It’s perfect! Both will be in a tent attached to a hotel, with a patio surrounding the tent..So if weather is nice the bar will be on the patio and we’ll have front row to downtown fireworks. Yay! It’ll be gorgeous. Not going to go for a red white and blue thing…(Colors are blue and green, hydrangea colors), I wanted the date for the free fireworks and because it was my Grandpa Joes favorite holiday..so I’ll feel like he’s there with me enjoying the fireworks. Plus Ry will get the day off every year to celebrate anniversaries with me. I’m so excited!

Well I’m going to go back to crafting things to sell..every dollar counts! If you want to donate anything towards making my dream wedding even more special, you can do so here. (If you do let me know, I want to handwrite a thank you!!!)

2 feet of snow?! >:o

March 10, 2008

The storm came and pooped 2 feet of snow. The best part was Ry was still really sick, so I got the job of trying to shovel our big two car driveway. It was 2 feet of the heavy wet kind too. At some point I got so worn out trying to lift and flip the snow to the yard that I began a new ninja spinning move to move the snow. Scoop, Spin snow towards yard..Scoop..spin snow towards yard. It sortof worked…I just started getting dizzy. It sucked. I shoveled Saturday and still have an ultra sore lower back, shoulders and arms. Ouchies. At least the power of the ninjas (and maybe Chuck Norris?!) were on my side for a little while.

On the bright side I haven’t gotten the illness Ry suffered with…yet.  I’ve had some moments where Istart getting stomach pain but it doesn’t last. He didn’t start feeling better till yesterday, and returned to work today..so about 5 days. I’m hoping I managed to avoid it. I don’t want to be sick AND looking at 2 feet of snow out the window. I’d be so pumped. Grr.

I have to take some pics again soon. Ry cut my hair (yep I trust him, he does a pretty good job :D), and I plan on going back blond soon (or trying to without going red instead) for a photoshoot I may be doing in a month or so to model for an artist to draw me into a graphic novel. Kindof neato huh?! Some kind of god/goddessthing. I’ll keep you updated on that 🙂

Ice Storm Down..Winter Storm Coming..?!

March 7, 2008

We survived the ice storm 😀 We got about a half inch of ice on everything which managed to mostly melt away yesterday while temperatures were in the 40s. We are looking at another storm coming in our direction though, tonight through tomorrow..possibly a foot or more. Bleh! I just want the snow to go away. Can’t wait for about a month when snow is much less likely.

Ry has been dealing with some kind of really bad stomach bug since Wednesday, which I think I may now be coming down with. I hope not 🙁 He’s been feeling so crappy past few days and he never gets sick..so I know it must be a really bad one. My stomachs starting to get sharp pains like his did though at the start of getting sick..so I think I may have it now too.

On a brighter note, our taxes came through this week. We paid off some debts and are now ready to meet with some wedding reception sites to book a place and a date. Yay! Very excited. I can’t wait to have an actual day to count down to. Wee.

Well I’m going to go putz around some on WoW. Cause I’m cool like that.

Beautiful Yesterday…Ice Storm Tonight :(

March 4, 2008

Yesterday was such a tease. Temperatures got into the mid 60s, most of the snow melted and I got to open the house up to get some fresh air..Today however it’s back to being cold and a snow and ice storm is heading our way for this evening. There is a lot of talk of power outage possibilities, so if I seem to fall off the face of the earth briefly, I’m probably dealing with ice storm issues and don’t have power. If that happens, you know I’ll be back asap! 😀

Just a quick blog to give a heads up in case I disappear..I need to go take a hot bath and charge all my portable electronic devices in preparation of ice cold suckiness. Poo!