Binghamton Easter and Photographer Booked!

March 21, 2008

Well I’m just finishing packing for our Easter in Binghamton with Ry’s family. So cute! It’s always hectic with all the nieces and nephews, but they’re cute. We’re going to go until Sunday night since Ry has to work Monday. It’s the week of the fiscal year end so his jobs being a poop and wouldn’t let him have Monday off. He has floating holidays..isn’t that what those are for? Turds. Oh well. It should be fun anyways, just hectic on the holiday itself.

We also ended up booking the photographer/videographer we went to meet last Saturday. The cost ended up being more than expected, but his style of work, package includes and just overall gorgeousness of the photos totally sold us. So, that means we now have officially booked our Ceremony Site, Reception Site, Catering, Cake, Photography..and Videography! Yay! It’s so fun to watch everything coming into place. We are going to do our Engagement Sitting/Photos when the weather warms up, preferably on one of the beaches around here. Should be neat!

Well I should probably get back to packing and getting ready for the drive. Happy Easter to all those who celebrate!


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