Friday Workout..Check!

February 29, 2008

Completed todays workout.. Yay! I strapped on my Timex heart rate monitor, and to change things up a bit ran around the house..keeping my heart rate between 136-175 bpm. Just something to break the workout boredom until I can run around outside! I ran up and down the stairs..jogged figure eights…side shuffled..skipped..anything to keep my heart up. My legs feel great 😀 I have been in a bit of a plateau lately, stuck around 146-148 lbs..but I’m almost at the point now where I’m toned enough where the weight doesn’t matter so much. Sure, I wanna lose another 10 pounds if I can..but I think I’d feel comfortable pulling on a bikini now. I need to get back to drinking 8 glasses of water a day, start taking my vitamins more regularly again..and fit more toning exercises in throughout the week for my stomach and my butt. I’m already excited for summer! Ontario Beach Park here I come! 🙂

Site stuff –

  1. I need to figure out how to get my WordPress plugin working to embed flash videos into the blog. I have the crap all installed..but for some reason it doesn’t work right when I try to embed things.
  2. I need to set up my gallery. I have the database all saved from the last host..I just need to figure out how to move it over.
  3. I need to set up the Portal. Like the gallery..need to figure out how to import!

On another note..I reallllly want to have some Astronaut Ice Cream. Please?

Btw..Zoe pooped in the house this morning..Grr. Makes me so mad! Oh..and Tutter(rabbit) celebrated his 3rd birthday yesterday. So cute!

Sleepy me..

February 24, 2008

Sooo..I’m sitting here, waiting for WoW auctioneer to cycle through tonights auction goodies.. ready to go to sleep. I’m still stuck in a rut where I’m sleepy most of the time I’m awake, which sucks..but hopefully that will change once weather warms up and I can get outside.

I went to Buffalo this weekend to visit the rents. Spent some time with my dad and his wife, and my mom and her fiance. Also got the chance to spend some time with my brother shopping at the mall with our christmas gift certificates. It was a nice break from the usual..I love being able to visit them and talk and just get out of the house. I also loved being able to spend a couple hours with my brother at the mall, cause we don’t see eachother much and now that we are older get along much better. I’m so proud of him 🙂 He’s going to school for physical therapy and doing SO SO well. He’s such a hard worker. He grew up into a great guy! It’s just crazy how time flies. It feels like we were just putting on shows together for my parents with our plastic microphones and guitars with a LaBamba Record playing. Craziness. I’m getting old.

I’ve been making some pretty adorable polymer charms, I’ll post them up here soon for everyone to see. They’re basically cute miniature foods and things..heehee!

Back to WoW..hurry up! I want to go to bed. *kick*

Is February the worst month of the year?

February 18, 2008

I haven’t decided. I think it may be..although it could be tied with January and March. Eh. Unno. I’m just so sick of the cold, the snow, the wind..the ice. I want to throw windows and doors open and get fresh air through the house..Go outside for a walk with Zoe. Hell, I even miss mowing the lawn at this point. I just want some warmer weather so I can get outside. I think I live in the wrong area. Maybe eventually when one of my entrepreneur ventures hits it big (sortof?) Ry and I will be able to grab up a winter home somewhere warm. That’s our dream. I don’t plan on picking up everything and completely leaving the Western NY simply because we are just too family oriented. In a few years we’d like to maybe start having a family..and I want my parents and his parents to be within reach to visit as often as possible. Grandparents are so important in a kids life. Plus, I’d miss them all too. I hope February flies by..and March too. I need some warm weather before I go nutty.

On another note, Ry put a deposit on a kitty. He will be ready to come home with us in the beginning of April and we are so excited. I am, however, dreading the whole integrating him into our family..specifically our Maltese Zoe. She tips the scale at 3.8 pounds, full grown..and couldn’t be more emo and bi-polar if she tried. I don’t know how she’s going to react to him, but I have a good idea. I am pretty sure she’s going to be hiding behind me, on my lap..leaking pee in fear..the works. Has anyone dealt with a situation like this? Any tips would be helpful! She’s gotta get used to him, that’s just life..I’m just worried the process in between is going to be a long, annoying road.

I haven’t been up to anything new since my last entry.. I did get my craft supplies in the mail and began needle-felting a wool version of my ferret Ashe..so far so good! It’s just a basic white ferret form right now and already looks pretty good. I’m proud of my first try! 😀 As soon as it’s complete I’ll be sure to throw some picshere on the blog.

(Warning, Ranting ahead!) On another completely off topic note, is anyone else watching Big Brother 9 on CBS? It’s a pretty disappointing season so far, but I guess it’s not very surprising. (I’m sortof embarassed to even admit I’m watching the junk! lol) The current guests are blatantly rejects who couldn’t make it on the regular summer shows..(not that the previous BB8 summer cast was that much of a step up from them….)  but yeah. I already can’t stand most of the house. First there’s Sheila..an old ex-playboy model who’s not all -that- bad looking for her age but whose personality just ruins whatever she did have going for her. Constant whining about her partner. Constantly. Which I don’t understand..you’re there to win money aren’t you? Not to marry or fuck the guy..suck it up and play the game. It’s why you’re there. Next there’s Allison. I actually thought I could’ve rooted for her for the first 5 minutes of the game (maybe)..until her true colors came out when Ryan told her he was dating Jen. The completely psychotic jealous bitch knew the guy maybe 1-3 days, started getting a crush on him..finds out hes dating someone in the house and gets mad/jealous. How do you know a guy a couple days and them get catty at his girlfriend of 9 months for being his girlfriend. Psycho. She’s an example of why most of my friends are guys. The guys in the house, however, aren’t a good example. I think the guy I hate most is Matt, an extremely cocky boston prick who’s not the least bit attractive. Sure, he has great eyes, but doesn’t the rest of his face need to be attractive too? He just acts like a complete asshole. In the live Showtime feeds apparently his partner Natalie has been giving him BJs and after she finished him he told her to stop touching him, that she was too sweaty..and not to get attached to him. I’d have knocked the guy in the mouth! I can’t stand the double standard either. Sure, she’s pretty skanky to be giving BJs to a guy shes known a couple days on national tv..but hes a skank too. Oral takes 2 people guys! He’s a skank, she’s a skank. The end.

Wasn’t that a fun entry? Aren’t you glad you read my site?!*sarcasm* 😀 I need to pee now. Kthx.

Happy Valentines Day :D

February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! 😀 I hope you all have a great Vday. It will be Ry and I’s first V-day as an engaged couple..yay! We are going to get some Roadhouse tonight for dinner and celebrate at home. I made him a chocolate cherry cake from scratch..no box mix or premade frosting. Everything was whipped up in my new stand mixer…I don’t know how I ever baked without one! I love it. Anywho..the cake looks adorable..I’ll let you know how it tastes in a future entry..hehe. It should be good though..One thing I’m especially good at..is baking. Hands down.

Well..I’m going to be a nerd and get back on WoW for a little while to try and get some more Lovely Black dresses and attempt to get the truesilver arrow..Although I’m not too concerned if I fail at that..I got a dress for my alliance and a dress for my horde..I love the dresses the mostest 😀

My doggy smells like stinky socks.

Back from Binghamton..Phew!

February 12, 2008

Well we returned from Binghamton Sunday afternoon in one piece..barely? The ride was awful. About half hour into the drive back we hit snow and wind causing whiteouts and bad driving conditions. Black ice was on the overpasses..people swerving all over. I was a nervous wreck! We pulled off an exit about 40 minutes into the drive to wait it out 20 minutes or so and call family to check on radar conditions. We got back on and it was better than before but still not very favorable..but we got home eventually. Once we got past Syracuse and onto the 90 the roads were much better and it was no longer snowing..but the high winds were causing snow to get blown up from sides of the road into these scary snow squalls where everything would be fine one second and then the next you cant even see the hood of your car. That’s what caused a 36 car pileup about 5 minutes from where we live that same afternoon that killed a 17 year old girl. We saw that on the news and were that much more thankful to be home safe. Our hearts go out to her poor family. Here’s some pics I grabbed with my phone..

The trip itself, seeing Rys family and such in Binghamton, was nice at least. His family was so excited for us, and his mom was excited about the idea of the outdoor wedding we are hoping to have at a nearby hotel. I asked his sister to be a bridesmaid and she agreed and started crying, which then made me start crying. God, I can only imagine me that day! I’m going to be a crying mess. I better start researching waterproof makeup immediately.

Now I’m just getting back into the usual routine. Cleaning, cooking and working on all my business ventures. When I worked at an ad agency in Buffalo my co-worker Ken always teased me about how I was such the entrepreneur. I really am though..I’m so determined to find a niche that needs to be filled, that I enjoy filling, to have my own business. I know with some time and effort I will be successful. I recently ordered a slew of crafting supplies to being a few more little ventures to break up the monotony of just doing web work day in and day out. I’m going to start doing some needle felting and clay crafts to sell and make some additional pocket money. Something I can sit by the tv with my craft table and tools and set to work! I’m excited 😀

Well I’m off to get some things done. Those of you waiting for fan signs, I haven’t forgotten you..I promise they’ll be on the way soon. I’ve just had my hands full with about 573 different things I need to accomplish! Please bear with me 0:)

Feeling better… :)

February 8, 2008

Well I’m feeling better today than I was a couple days ago. The wedding stuff is a little less overwhelming now that we are unexpectedly getting a lot more back in taxes this year than expected (more than 3X what we got last year)..so that’s HUGE for paying off debts and making room for wedding deposits. We are hoping to set a date and make a deposit on the venue we want within the next 2-3 months. Yay! I’m planning the wedding all on my own at this point since I’m home and can set time aside to figure everything out. Right now, I think I’m planning for blue and green for colors, with the main flower being hydrangeas..one of my favs 😀 We shall see how it all goes!

I’m also making progress on the weight loss front, down this week to 146.4, so about another pound gone and I’m finally starting to fit back into my skinny jeans 😀 My right knee has been acting up since I biked on Wednesday, so I did a power walk on the treadmill today for 45 minutes instead of jogging. Even that was a bit painful..but I won’t work out again till Monday and I splurgggge on weekends..so I needed to get something in. Slooowly but surely. I should be in bikini shape by May, weeee.

I’m heading into Binghamton this weekend to visit Ry’s parents. Leaving tonight and returning on Sunday. It’ll be the first time seeing them since getting engaged on New Years so I’m excited to show them the ring and talk to them about our plans.

That’s about it on the Lilly front 🙂 Once my hair dries I’m going to snap a few cam pics and update the cam image. Give me about an hour or 2! 😀


February 6, 2008

When people said wedding planning was gonna be insane I believed them and yet thought ya I’m sure it is, but it’ll be so fun! What was I thinking? We have over a year before the big day, but when you sit down and look, realllly look, at how much every little thing costs..it blows your mind. As 25 and 26 year old homeowners we really don’t have 20 grand laying around to produce a moderate wedding. Oi! I’m sure we’ll figure something out..it’s just crazy how so many businesses in the industry charge insane prices for work that should cost much less..and they do it because they have all the engaged couples by the balls because who else is going to do their job? For instance, videography.. plain old bring your camera to the ceremony and reception and tape 5-6 hours…$1,100?!? Thats just 6 hours of unedited raw documentary footage. Apparently I’m in the wrong business! I wish I was making $183 dollars an hour to be at someones event holding a camera and eating a catered meal every Saturday evening. Oh well, at least we have ample time to straighten everything out.

I don’t feel so hot today, and didn’t yesterday either, just because I’ve allowed myself to get so worked up over the planning situation. I feel feverish. I still need to get my run or bike in today though. Poo.