February 6, 2008

When people said wedding planning was gonna be insane I believed them and yet thought ya I’m sure it is, but it’ll be so fun! What was I thinking? We have over a year before the big day, but when you sit down and look, realllly look, at how much every little thing costs..it blows your mind. As 25 and 26 year old homeowners we really don’t have 20 grand laying around to produce a moderate wedding. Oi! I’m sure we’ll figure something out..it’s just crazy how so many businesses in the industry charge insane prices for work that should cost much less..and they do it because they have all the engaged couples by the balls because who else is going to do their job? For instance, videography.. plain old bring your camera to the ceremony and reception and tape 5-6 hours…$1,100?!? Thats just 6 hours of unedited raw documentary footage. Apparently I’m in the wrong business! I wish I was making $183 dollars an hour to be at someones event holding a camera and eating a catered meal every Saturday evening. Oh well, at least we have ample time to straighten everything out.

I don’t feel so hot today, and didn’t yesterday either, just because I’ve allowed myself to get so worked up over the planning situation. I feel feverish. I still need to get my run or bike in today though. Poo.

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