Power outage…and front page success!

January 31, 2008

First off, thank you CW for voting me to the front page for the first time..ever! I’ve had a site for 6-7 years now..so….YaY! Success! xoxoxo

So..I’ve been MIA for the past couple days..but not on purpose! I have an excuse, promise. I’ve been huddled up in bed in about 10 layers of blankets shiverin my boobies off due to a power outage here in Rochester NY.  It went out yesterday morning round 8am..and with temps in teens the house temperature didn’t take too long to drop to unbearably cold living temperatures. 38 degrees on the thermostat? Not cool. Ry went out like the sweetheart he is scouring stores fro some sort of heating device at about 11pm last night when we found out from our electric company their 7:45pm estimate was blown way out the window to the next day, tonight at 11pm. He started out with a kerosene heater since generators were picked over at Lowe’s..but when the house ended up smoky and stinky (and we worried of carbon monoxide poisoning) that idea went out the window and he was back out again in search of a generator. Almost getting mugged by a creepy in walmart and 300 some dollars later..we had a generator. Little after midnight now. So you think this is where the story gets all happy and we dance about happily with warm tooshies by the furnace. Nope. Our furnance decided to be finicky about actually heating the house with the generator. It’d start up, sure..but ignite? Ha! That’d be too easy! Ry finally got it to ignite and start warming house around 2am..but when we woke around 7am it was back to blowing cold air. Long story short..or at least to sum this up without completely boring you to death..I’ve been able to log on n offline recently due to our little generator (especially since the heater isn’t taking too fondly too it)..and I think our electricity might be back up for good now around 5pm.. We have an ice storm headin our way tonight and tomorrow though..so I’m not keeping my hopes up that it’ll stay that way. If I disappear again, you know why.

Anywho..I feel like a crumbbum since I’ve needed to shower since yesterday and haven’t had the heat or warm water to do so..so I’m off to clean up and figure out some dinner.


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