July 4th..Creepy but Nice!

July 28, 2008

So I guess I should elaborate on the July 4th incident I touched on last entry. I love July 4th. Fireworks, Family, Barbeques..not to mention it was one of my late Grandpa Joe’s favorite holidays of the whole year. That’s one reason why we decided to hold our wedding on July 4th next year. It just seemed like the perfect choice. It’s on a Saturday next year, our venue is a tent downtown (free fireworks)..it all just fell into place. We wanted to do something special for July 4th since it was one year til the big day. Nothing big, just spend time together, dinner and fireworks.

We went to Binghamton for the weekend to get out of the normal day to day life and visit his parents and family too. We got to visit with all of Ry’s nieces, nephews and siblings at a family BBQ and at night we made plans to watch the fireworks at the Binghamton Mets game downtown. Everything was great until we made the mistake of assuming the area immediately around the outside of the Met’s stadium had to be safe enough to stand out and watch fireworks. We drove around the general vicinity, found an empty side street to park on and walked to a corner with a good view of the sky over the stadium. Little did we know the Met’s were in overtime..and were going to be awhile. Everything was fine, Ry, Zoe and I stood against a building and waited for the fireworks to begin. Then, the creepiness began! An older disheveled guy comes walking by..then stops and turns around to pet Zoe and start talking to us. Totally fine! The guy’s lonely, it’s a holiday..no problem. Well, maybe. The problem started when early in the conversation his topics were hateful and only progressed to be more and more violent. Not directed at us, but progessively more and more disturbing and uncomfortable. He started our convo talking about how the “indians” were screwing him, the working guy, with their lack of taxes and such. Just nod and smile, not going to argue with some stranger and start a fight. Eventually the convo turned into his father abusing him as a child, cutting him up and the like..and how he broke some guys legs and killed another guy. I just stood there nodding and trying to seem empathetic, meanwhile ry stood there fidgeting with keys in his pocket. I didn’t want to say anything that might set this guy off and turn his anger at us, so I just nodded and agreed..hoping..PRAYING..for the fireworks to start, in hopes the show would make this guy move on his way. No luck! Eventually his conversation had him right in my face slamming his fist into his hand, explaining what he did to a guy..and we had to make some kind of move to leave because it was getting worse and we had a feeling we may get jumped if we didn’t skidaddle. Ry made an excuse saying “oh my brother was supposed to meet us here, I should call him and see what’s up.” And off we went back down the side street to our car..Safety! It kind of ruined the whole tone to the night, adrenaline pumping from the whole situation, both uneasy and uncomfortable. We found a parking lot a few miles away to watch the show instead from the car. Not as nice of a view, but hey..not getting jumped and staying alive is nice!

I hope our July 4th next year works out better. Hehe. 😀

Sleepy..So Busy Lately! Whew.

July 22, 2008

I love my bed. So cozy! That’s where I’m writing this post from as I finish up another long day spent on the laptop marketing and building one of my many online business ideas. My right hand feels slightly carpal tunnelish..ouch! It’s been a few weeks and I have a bunch of minor things I’ve been meaning to blog about but probably won’t get to all of them this time around. My time has been consumed by so many things that just needed to be done above all other things, sadly including updating the site. (not that anyone missed me 😉 )

My mom’s getting married in the beginning of September (as I mentioned some post previously I’m sure), and I am her maid of honor. I have been working with my cousin and aunt to put together her bridal shower which is only weeks away now. I handmade all of her invites, am buying a huge deli meat and cheese platter for the shindig and am either baking or buying a cake. That has taken up a lot of my time lately! The invites are now in the mail and a marshmallow fondant cake test run was successful, so I’m all set for shower things for now! The bridesmaid dress I ordered from netbride arrived very promptly this week and fits wonderfully. It worked out very well because it arrived a month earlier than they quoted..fantastic!

My time was also consumed by one of my crafting projects, a needle felted dog. I had a woman contact me about making a mini wool replica of her and her husbands dog for their 7th wedding anniversary. He is currently serving in Afghanistan, and their anniversary is the beginning of next month. I was absolutely flattered by her request for such a special occasion, so of course I told her yes of course! I put a ton of time and heart into each craft I create, so between the invites and making this little dog I was so crunched for time! I needed both the invites and the dog out in the mail asap so everyone would get everything on time and be happy. I was so relieved when the mailman came n grabbed all that stuff from the mailbox..it meant it was all done! The little dog ended up adorable, and she was very happy…YaY!

Other than that it’s the usual time consuming stuff of my multiple entrepreneur type businesses all going on at once! Multiple websites to maintain and keep building on to, crafts business..etc etc. Usually I’d be happy to be kept so busy so I don’t have time to sit and think and just drive myself crazy…But, it’s summer! I want to be able to be a bum! I can’t allow myself to though. I know some people may think that since I’m working and freelancing from home I must be laying on the couch watchin soaps and eating chocolates all day. Not at all! Sometimes I wonder if I should drop all of it and find a normal 9-5 so that there was a clear cut start and end of the work day. When 5 o’clock rolls around I walk out the door and home to relax! I’m such a perfectionist that I get in these moods where I drive myself nuts with anxiety if I’m not sitting at the computer plugging away at one of my business attempts. “Omg, I shouldn’t be sitting relaxing right now..I could have added more content to one of my sites..which in the long run may contribute to it’s success!!” I’ve been sortof driving Ry nuts with it here and there. I’ll wake up some days and be on the computer from the time I climb out of bed to the time I climb back into bed. (And then some, if you count right now! 😀 ) I forced myself to set down the computer and just watch a show the one night and was just fidgeting, feeling the need to work on -something-…anything! I just want to be able to break out of debt and start paying more towards our July 2009 wedding..If I’m not working on something that may help finances, I’ve been getting anxious. UGH. I need a chill pill. I’ve been recommended St. Johns Wart to calm me some, which sounds pretty necessary..BUT I’m on Seasonal Birth Control pills, so I can’t. 🙁 The supplement apparently messes with the bc pills and makes them less effective.

I think that’s enough for now..I still have to update ya on my Doc appoint from last week (mostly healthy!), and my crazy 4th of July.. (it involved lots of kids, fireworks..and almost getting jumped by a plastered bum! Not-EVen-Joking. Omigee) I’ll try to do that this week!

BTW – Bob..you aren’t patronizing me. 😛