Feeling better… :)

February 8, 2008

Well I’m feeling better today than I was a couple days ago. The wedding stuff is a little less overwhelming now that we are unexpectedly getting a lot more back in taxes this year than expected (more than 3X what we got last year)..so that’s HUGE for paying off debts and making room for wedding deposits. We are hoping to set a date and make a deposit on the venue we want within the next 2-3 months. Yay! I’m planning the wedding all on my own at this point since I’m home and can set time aside to figure everything out. Right now, I think I’m planning for blue and green for colors, with the main flower being hydrangeas..one of my favs 😀 We shall see how it all goes!

I’m also making progress on the weight loss front, down this week to 146.4, so about another pound gone and I’m finally starting to fit back into my skinny jeans 😀 My right knee has been acting up since I biked on Wednesday, so I did a power walk on the treadmill today for 45 minutes instead of jogging. Even that was a bit painful..but I won’t work out again till Monday and I splurgggge on weekends..so I needed to get something in. Slooowly but surely. I should be in bikini shape by May, weeee.

I’m heading into Binghamton this weekend to visit Ry’s parents. Leaving tonight and returning on Sunday. It’ll be the first time seeing them since getting engaged on New Years so I’m excited to show them the ring and talk to them about our plans.

That’s about it on the Lilly front 🙂 Once my hair dries I’m going to snap a few cam pics and update the cam image. Give me about an hour or 2! 😀

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