Back from Binghamton..Phew!

February 12, 2008

Well we returned from Binghamton Sunday afternoon in one piece..barely? The ride was awful. About half hour into the drive back we hit snow and wind causing whiteouts and bad driving conditions. Black ice was on the overpasses..people swerving all over. I was a nervous wreck! We pulled off an exit about 40 minutes into the drive to wait it out 20 minutes or so and call family to check on radar conditions. We got back on and it was better than before but still not very favorable..but we got home eventually. Once we got past Syracuse and onto the 90 the roads were much better and it was no longer snowing..but the high winds were causing snow to get blown up from sides of the road into these scary snow squalls where everything would be fine one second and then the next you cant even see the hood of your car. That’s what caused a 36 car pileup about 5 minutes from where we live that same afternoon that killed a 17 year old girl. We saw that on the news and were that much more thankful to be home safe. Our hearts go out to her poor family. Here’s some pics I grabbed with my phone..

The trip itself, seeing Rys family and such in Binghamton, was nice at least. His family was so excited for us, and his mom was excited about the idea of the outdoor wedding we are hoping to have at a nearby hotel. I asked his sister to be a bridesmaid and she agreed and started crying, which then made me start crying. God, I can only imagine me that day! I’m going to be a crying mess. I better start researching waterproof makeup immediately.

Now I’m just getting back into the usual routine. Cleaning, cooking and working on all my business ventures. When I worked at an ad agency in Buffalo my co-worker Ken always teased me about how I was such the entrepreneur. I really am though..I’m so determined to find a niche that needs to be filled, that I enjoy filling, to have my own business. I know with some time and effort I will be successful. I recently ordered a slew of crafting supplies to being a few more little ventures to break up the monotony of just doing web work day in and day out. I’m going to start doing some needle felting and clay crafts to sell and make some additional pocket money. Something I can sit by the tv with my craft table and tools and set to work! I’m excited 😀

Well I’m off to get some things done. Those of you waiting for fan signs, I haven’t forgotten you..I promise they’ll be on the way soon. I’ve just had my hands full with about 573 different things I need to accomplish! Please bear with me 0:)

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