Is February the worst month of the year?

February 18, 2008

I haven’t decided. I think it may be..although it could be tied with January and March. Eh. Unno. I’m just so sick of the cold, the snow, the wind..the ice. I want to throw windows and doors open and get fresh air through the house..Go outside for a walk with Zoe. Hell, I even miss mowing the lawn at this point. I just want some warmer weather so I can get outside. I think I live in the wrong area. Maybe eventually when one of my entrepreneur ventures hits it big (sortof?) Ry and I will be able to grab up a winter home somewhere warm. That’s our dream. I don’t plan on picking up everything and completely leaving the Western NY simply because we are just too family oriented. In a few years we’d like to maybe start having a family..and I want my parents and his parents to be within reach to visit as often as possible. Grandparents are so important in a kids life. Plus, I’d miss them all too. I hope February flies by..and March too. I need some warm weather before I go nutty.

On another note, Ry put a deposit on a kitty. He will be ready to come home with us in the beginning of April and we are so excited. I am, however, dreading the whole integrating him into our family..specifically our Maltese Zoe. She tips the scale at 3.8 pounds, full grown..and couldn’t be more emo and bi-polar if she tried. I don’t know how she’s going to react to him, but I have a good idea. I am pretty sure she’s going to be hiding behind me, on my lap..leaking pee in fear..the works. Has anyone dealt with a situation like this? Any tips would be helpful! She’s gotta get used to him, that’s just life..I’m just worried the process in between is going to be a long, annoying road.

I haven’t been up to anything new since my last entry.. I did get my craft supplies in the mail and began needle-felting a wool version of my ferret Ashe..so far so good! It’s just a basic white ferret form right now and already looks pretty good. I’m proud of my first try! 😀 As soon as it’s complete I’ll be sure to throw some picshere on the blog.

(Warning, Ranting ahead!) On another completely off topic note, is anyone else watching Big Brother 9 on CBS? It’s a pretty disappointing season so far, but I guess it’s not very surprising. (I’m sortof embarassed to even admit I’m watching the junk! lol) The current guests are blatantly rejects who couldn’t make it on the regular summer shows..(not that the previous BB8 summer cast was that much of a step up from them….)  but yeah. I already can’t stand most of the house. First there’s Sheila..an old ex-playboy model who’s not all -that- bad looking for her age but whose personality just ruins whatever she did have going for her. Constant whining about her partner. Constantly. Which I don’t understand..you’re there to win money aren’t you? Not to marry or fuck the guy..suck it up and play the game. It’s why you’re there. Next there’s Allison. I actually thought I could’ve rooted for her for the first 5 minutes of the game (maybe)..until her true colors came out when Ryan told her he was dating Jen. The completely psychotic jealous bitch knew the guy maybe 1-3 days, started getting a crush on him..finds out hes dating someone in the house and gets mad/jealous. How do you know a guy a couple days and them get catty at his girlfriend of 9 months for being his girlfriend. Psycho. She’s an example of why most of my friends are guys. The guys in the house, however, aren’t a good example. I think the guy I hate most is Matt, an extremely cocky boston prick who’s not the least bit attractive. Sure, he has great eyes, but doesn’t the rest of his face need to be attractive too? He just acts like a complete asshole. In the live Showtime feeds apparently his partner Natalie has been giving him BJs and after she finished him he told her to stop touching him, that she was too sweaty..and not to get attached to him. I’d have knocked the guy in the mouth! I can’t stand the double standard either. Sure, she’s pretty skanky to be giving BJs to a guy shes known a couple days on national tv..but hes a skank too. Oral takes 2 people guys! He’s a skank, she’s a skank. The end.

Wasn’t that a fun entry? Aren’t you glad you read my site?!*sarcasm* 😀 I need to pee now. Kthx.

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