Sleepy me..

February 24, 2008

Sooo..I’m sitting here, waiting for WoW auctioneer to cycle through tonights auction goodies.. ready to go to sleep. I’m still stuck in a rut where I’m sleepy most of the time I’m awake, which sucks..but hopefully that will change once weather warms up and I can get outside.

I went to Buffalo this weekend to visit the rents. Spent some time with my dad and his wife, and my mom and her fiance. Also got the chance to spend some time with my brother shopping at the mall with our christmas gift certificates. It was a nice break from the usual..I love being able to visit them and talk and just get out of the house. I also loved being able to spend a couple hours with my brother at the mall, cause we don’t see eachother much and now that we are older get along much better. I’m so proud of him 🙂 He’s going to school for physical therapy and doing SO SO well. He’s such a hard worker. He grew up into a great guy! It’s just crazy how time flies. It feels like we were just putting on shows together for my parents with our plastic microphones and guitars with a LaBamba Record playing. Craziness. I’m getting old.

I’ve been making some pretty adorable polymer charms, I’ll post them up here soon for everyone to see. They’re basically cute miniature foods and things..heehee!

Back to WoW..hurry up! I want to go to bed. *kick*

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