What a weekend!

March 25, 2008

Wow, what a crazy weekend I had for Easter! We drove over to Binghamton to visit Ry’s family on Friday night and basically that was the only part of our trip that went smoothly. I woke up Saturday morning around 7am with an awful migraine headache. I’m not sure if it was sinus problems, caffeine withdrawl (I drink lots of diet soda, and we ran out of it Thursday)..or both! I took every pain killer I could think of and nothing worked. Ick. I managed to numb the pain just enough to venture out briefly Saturday afternoon for some snacks and easter goodies though. We stopped at the mall in Johnson City (I think?) and went to Gertrude Hawk to grab a few boxes of delicious easter smidgens. Some rude lady almost plowed me over as I made my way through the store, but I too miserable from my headache to say anything and just gave her an evil eye and grumbled about it to Ryan. He got me some yummy peanut butter chocolate smidgens, cookies n cream smidgens, a cute green and white plush bunny and a plush 2008 gertrude hawk easter chick. We then stopped at Cinnabon on our way out where he got me a large chocolate chillatte. Aw. He loves me. <3 We finished the night with the Asian horror flick mail with his sister. (It turned out really corny.) My headache didn’t subside until I was going to sleep that night. What luck! Easter itself was great up until we tried to go back home. Ryan announced to his family that we set our wedding date for July 4th of next year and everyone was excited. There was dinner and talking (and some craziness). After everyone left we packed up to head home since Ry had to be at work Monday morning..it didn’t work out that way though! About 20 minutes out on the 81 Rys Grand Am died on us. A sparkplug he had installed just months ago literally flew right out of the socket. We heard a loud pop and then the engine started shaking violently and we had to pull off. Luckily Rys dad was able to get us and took the car to some friends who found the problem and fixed it by noon on Monday (yesterday). We managed to get back on the road in time for him to at least make it to work for a few hours. We were so thankful that it wasn’t some huge car problem that would drain us of all the money we are trying to save for the wedding. The garage that installed the spark plugs are going to get an earful though. Grr.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend and didn’t deal with the crazy junk we did!

Back to crafting and web stuff 😀

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