Photographer meeting :D

March 15, 2008

We are heading out in 10 minutes for our first photographer/videographer meeting, exciting! If we like their work and book we will have the most important things all set! We will still need to book a florist, dj, officiant…annnd..I think that’s it? I’m going to be making all the invites, menus, programs and favors. We -may- also order chair covers to complete the look, budget being the deciding factor.

I’m blogging from a borrowed laptop sitting in bed right now. It is the best. So comfy! As soon as I can afford to i want to get a pimped out Sony Vaio for gaming and everything else computer related. That won’t be anytime soon…but ya, definitely a dream wish right now!

I’m almost finished needle-felting a corgi. He is looking really cute! I just need to finish his face, sew on some eyes and clean up his fur so it’s less fuzzy..although I want it a little fuzzy since he is a dog. I plan on selling him when that is complete. I’ll make sure I put pics up here! 😀

Well I’m off to the meeting, yay!

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