Stressful week..but we have a date!

March 13, 2008

Sorry about my absence this week! I’ve just been so caught up in a few things and just being flat out stressed that I wasn’t in any mood to try to put it down in a blog. It has all calmed down now though and things have been straightened out. So voila, here I am!

Part of the stress was wedding planning. You would not believe how much a wedding costs! Ours is probably going to be somewhere int he 15-20k mark..which is actually below the average 25k for my area. Isn’t that insane? Ah well..we will work it out. It is going to be a special day 🙂 We went to a meeting yesterday and have set our Ceremony/Reception Place and date.

July 4th, 2009

It’s perfect! Both will be in a tent attached to a hotel, with a patio surrounding the tent..So if weather is nice the bar will be on the patio and we’ll have front row to downtown fireworks. Yay! It’ll be gorgeous. Not going to go for a red white and blue thing…(Colors are blue and green, hydrangea colors), I wanted the date for the free fireworks and because it was my Grandpa Joes favorite holiday..so I’ll feel like he’s there with me enjoying the fireworks. Plus Ry will get the day off every year to celebrate anniversaries with me. I’m so excited!

Well I’m going to go back to crafting things to sell..every dollar counts! If you want to donate anything towards making my dream wedding even more special, you can do so here. (If you do let me know, I want to handwrite a thank you!!!)

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