2 feet of snow?! >:o

March 10, 2008

The storm came and pooped 2 feet of snow. The best part was Ry was still really sick, so I got the job of trying to shovel our big two car driveway. It was 2 feet of the heavy wet kind too. At some point I got so worn out trying to lift and flip the snow to the yard that I began a new ninja spinning move to move the snow. Scoop, Spin snow towards yard..Scoop..spin snow towards yard. It sortof worked…I just started getting dizzy. It sucked. I shoveled Saturday and still have an ultra sore lower back, shoulders and arms. Ouchies. At least the power of the ninjas (and maybe Chuck Norris?!) were on my side for a little while.

On the bright side I haven’t gotten the illness Ry suffered with…yet.  I’ve had some moments where Istart getting stomach pain but it doesn’t last. He didn’t start feeling better till yesterday, and returned to work today..so about 5 days. I’m hoping I managed to avoid it. I don’t want to be sick AND looking at 2 feet of snow out the window. I’d be so pumped. Grr.

I have to take some pics again soon. Ry cut my hair (yep I trust him, he does a pretty good job :D), and I plan on going back blond soon (or trying to without going red instead) for a photoshoot I may be doing in a month or so to model for an artist to draw me into a graphic novel. Kindof neato huh?! Some kind of god/goddessthing. I’ll keep you updated on that 🙂

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