Ice Storm Down..Winter Storm Coming..?!

March 7, 2008

We survived the ice storm 😀 We got about a half inch of ice on everything which managed to mostly melt away yesterday while temperatures were in the 40s. We are looking at another storm coming in our direction though, tonight through tomorrow..possibly a foot or more. Bleh! I just want the snow to go away. Can’t wait for about a month when snow is much less likely.

Ry has been dealing with some kind of really bad stomach bug since Wednesday, which I think I may now be coming down with. I hope not 🙁 He’s been feeling so crappy past few days and he never gets sick..so I know it must be a really bad one. My stomachs starting to get sharp pains like his did though at the start of getting sick..so I think I may have it now too.

On a brighter note, our taxes came through this week. We paid off some debts and are now ready to meet with some wedding reception sites to book a place and a date. Yay! Very excited. I can’t wait to have an actual day to count down to. Wee.

Well I’m going to go putz around some on WoW. Cause I’m cool like that.

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