Almost April…

March 31, 2008

It’s almost April! April is generally when the weather finally breaks here in Western NY, and starts actually feeling like Spring. I can’t wait! Tomorrows going to be a bit above average and actually make it into the 60s…I’m hoping to get a walk or run in the fresh air! It sucks being cooped up inside for 5 months every year..it’s always exciting when the weather warms up again.

Speaking of warming up..bikini season is just around the corner and I’ve recently weighed in at 143.2. Yay! Still going strong. 17 pounds lost now! I was in a plateau for awhile ( a few weeks) but kept doing what I’ve been doing and it eventually broke and started dropping again a week or so ago. Starting tomorrow I am going to be adding a lot more toning to my schedule. I’m almost where I want to be weight wise so all I need now is to tighten up a few places and drop the remaining 3-5 pounds and I’m set. I’m excited I’ll be able to pull on my swimsuit this year for Ontario Beach Park and not feel uncomfortable in my own skin.

On another note, I haven’t been feeling so great the past week or so healthwise. I’m been experiencing a ton of dizziness and nausea. I tend to deal with it every month or 2 since highschool..but the past week it’s been almost non-stop and seems to worsen if I turn my head left or right for any longer than 10-15 seconds. Over the years I’ve experienced the dizziness and symptoms in a multitude of ways. Sometimes the dizziness is accompanied by chest pain (I had some sharp ones last night which basically drew the last bit of energy I had in me for the day), and other times it just comes on suddenly and I have a “drop-attack” where I suddenly feel really sick, vision starts to blur and fade out, sounds fade out and I drop to the ground, sweating reallly, really badly. I had cardio tests done years ago and was told I have Mitrovalve prolapse and although the tests didn’t say for sure, they -thought- I also had neurocardiogenic syncope..but noone knows for sure. I finally made an appointment to meet with a local doctor in a month to begin having regular visits again, and hopefully get some bloodwork and tests done to really find out what my problem is. Does anyone experience anything I explained and know what it is? I’ve been dealing with it forever and noone seems to ever have answers, and now that it seems to be getting worse lately I need to really push for some answers. I’ll keep everyone updated, hopefully it’s something minor that I can manage and not anything too severe :/

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