Oh hai!

April 18, 2008

It’s been a bit. I know *nodnod*. Just having a rollercoaster of an April emotionally, schedule wise..stress…etc. Not really going to get into the details, let’s just say theres been some days the past few weeks where I’ve been so frustrated and mad I could only lay in bed wondering how our luck could be so bad lately. We’re doing ok though.. just hoping next month makes up for this month..cause we’ve been fighting the crap luck monster since our car crapped out on highway 81 on Easter. Grr *flails fists*.

On a brighter note, our kitty arrived on Wednesday, perfect timing since it was Ry’s bday gift and it was his bday. We were supposed to get him on the 5th but our luck was crap (remember?) and first he was overgrooming, then weather get poosackish..then American Airlines cancelled flights cause the FAA was being poosackish. It’s been a tiring 2 days aquainting him with Zoe (maltese dog), but they seem to be getting progressively better over time..so hopefully eventually they’ll be buddies..or at least coexist peacefully. Anywho..here’ssss Totoro, our new Turkish Van KITTEH.

So cute. He’s already played INVIZIBLE SNAKE CHARMER.


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