People in Rochester NY can't drive.

April 21, 2008

Since moving to Rochester NY I’ve experienced an overwhelming amount of people who simply cannot drive. It’s unbelievably crazy. Now, I’m sure you’re thinking..wait..it’s only an hour from Buffalo, it can’t be all -that- different, right?! Wrong! Well mostly. While the people in Buffalo also are no fun to drive with, it’s because they drive like assholes, but most are not lacking actual driving skill. Make sense?


Buffalo: Driving 60 in a 30, they ride your ass if you aren’t going fast enough, even if you’re going 10 over speed limit…tons of people cutting you off..people crossing double yellow lines to pass in oncoming traffic because they MUST GET THERE NOW OMGZ.

Rochester: Complete lack of turn signals, stopping at non-existent stop signs, driving when they don’t have the right of way, staying in lanes when there have been lane ending signs for thousands of feet, only to continue being stubborn (or stupid?) and continue driving down the median just so they don’t have to follow the signs… and the worst – completely not paying attention to where they dangerously swerve into other lanes

To give you an example of just how bad it is, Ry and I have almost had 3 accidents in under 7 days from people almost hitting us. First some dumb ass in a silver Olds Alero couldn’t understand a lane shift on West Ridge Road, and when the lanes shifted..she didn’t..and instead continues straight at my Sunfire’s right front wheel area. BEEP! Ok, phew..avoided! Now that was Saturday. Today, on the way to work some dumb bitch in a hyundai on Maiden swerved into oncoming traffic right at Ry, only to jerk back into  her lane after he has swerved himself into the shoulder, laying on the horn. Stupid whore kept right on driving as if nothing happened even though she could have easily killed him since they were both going about 40. She’s lucky a bunch of school kids weren’t crossing the street since it was that time in the morning. You think that’d be enough bad drivers for a few days but nope..another dumb punani almost hit us on our way to taking Totoro to the vet. Both have the green, we’re making a right..she’s making a left..we have the right of way..she goes anyways and almost takes our side out. Wow. Driving in Rochester is like gambling with your life. How are people so fucking ridiculously stupid and careless behind the wheel? You’re in a giant moving weapon, the least you could do is turn off your stupid cellphones, stop playing with your radios and learn how to follow simple traffic rules. It just blows my mind how bad it is around here. We were in Toronto and it was amazing how well everyone there drove compared to here and Buffalo. Their Highways were packed bumped to bumper at rush hour times and still moved efficiently without a problem. It was like watching frogger in front of us as cars darted in and out of lanes to enter and exit the highway..and yet stayed polite..following traffic rules, using turn signals…Hell, even the people there were much nicer. Poo on you Rochester drivers.

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