20 days left till my wedding…seriously?!

June 14, 2009

Whoa..I can’t believe it’s only 20 days away. I’ve been planning the whole thing myself for almost a year and a half now and it is SO hard to believe that in just over 2 weeks I’ll be walking down the aisle. It doesn’t feel real yet! I’m having more and more moments lately (especially this month!) where something reminds me it’s almost here and I get overly emotional and teary just because everything is so hectic and starting to feel real. It still kind of just feels like we are just planning a huge party. I don’t think it’ll really hit me till rehearsal or I’m riding to the ceremony in the limo with my bridesmaids (probably a crying mess at that point..but GOOD crying!)

It’s mostly down to the little details now and making the final vendor payments over the next week or two. I just need to do paper details like menus, programs, table numbers place cards and favor tags (which sounds like a lot but since I do them for a living it shouldn’t be too long, especially since most are already designed). Then I just have to finish ringbearer pillows, flowergirl baskets, our toasting flutes and trim my veil. I’ve had two dress fittings and I love my dress more and more each time I go back and it fits me better. She even had to take the waist in more since I’ve managed to somehow get a little skinnier! 😀

This weekend we splurged a little and did some honeymoon shopping 🙂 We are going to the Outer banks North Carolina area for our honeymoon in mid July and we rented a house on the beach for a week. It will be my first time seeing the ocean and I am so excited! I got two new pairs of shorts, a snorkeling kit, body board, water shoes, a sandcastle kit for my first ever sand castle (SO dorky, I know) and ordered the cutest halter bikini from Pac Sun online today…. (Hmmn..I was going to post a pic but apparently it must be sold out now! Will post one when it gets here if I have a free minute or two!)

On another note, we had Applebees for dinner tonight and my stomach is not very happy. I shouldn’t have had all 3 cheeseburger sliders, fries and a queso dip and chips appetizer. I’m burping grossness. Ugh.

I also had a very hectic weekend because my maltese dog Zoe had issues Friday with her anal gland again and is on antibiotics with butt compresses twice a day and blue butt cleanser that makes her bum look like a smurf. She is just today finally returning to normal so I’m glad she is feeling better! She loved hanging out with us outside today playing with her new squishy frisbee while we gardened and played catch in the backyard together. We planted a bunch of perennials and some more veggies in our veggie garden…YUM!

That’s about it for now…I have a busy week ahead but will try to post again once more before I’m a Mrs! (BTW- The Haunting of Molly Hartley movie is awful. So stupid. Don’t waste your time renting it!)


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