I'm getting married…tomorrow?!

July 3, 2009

Yea…WOW! I’m getting married tomorrow. It didn’t start to feel real till yesterday afternoon when I finished up wedding things. I woke up this morning at 5am with a nervous tummy ache as it is all feeling real today. Ryan’s family are all probably leaving Binghamton right now to drive up here for tonight’s rehearsal and rehearsal dinner at 6pm. I think that’s what’s making it feel like it’s happening. Knowing my family and his family are on their way today for our wedding. Crazy!!

I’m feeling so nervous right now. Not about the marriage..I have no doubts about that. I’m actually nervous about the details going as planned and worried I’m going to be a big cry baby and over emotional tomorrow and really don’t want to be! I am excited and can’t wait though. It has rained all week but it looks like the weather is going to break for tomorrow and be partly sunny and 74 which is perfect when you are wearing a tux and a huge heavy ballgown. Our city of Rochester turned 175 years old this year so they will also be doing a huge fireworks show tomorrow night at 10pm only a couple blocks from the hotel and we are supposed to be able to view them on the patio of our reception area..SO cool!

It has been a crazy year with an extremely hectic past week or two and an overwhelming current week. On top of finalizing all the wedding details I also had to put my 8 year old ferret to sleep on Sunday(6/28) because of her Insulinoma. I miss her like crazy! It was one of the hardest things (if not the hardest) I’ve ever had to do in my life…but I didn’t want her to suffer from the cancer and knew me saying goodbye to her wa sthe best thing for her. She fell asleep while I rubbed her little head. I love her so much..she’ll forever be in my heart. On Tuesday I saw the most beautiful huge rainbow appear over our house where it looked like the end disappeared in our backyard…I hope it was her rainbow bridge.



Well I’m signing off…I have to finish some odds and ends here at the house and then get ready for rehearsal! Next time I blog I’ll be a Mrs <3

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