Wedding burnout and flaky family (grr)

May 12, 2009

Ugh..I think I’m reaching the point where I am just ready to walk down the aisle, enjoy the day and go back to normal. Don’t get me wrong – I’m extremely excited about getting married and our wedding…I just think I took too much on and am honestly just tired of all things wedding (and I still have a million and a half things I still need to do!). I’m actually scheduling final vendor appointments by e-mail as I type this blog..started my dress fittings last night and meet with my florist for a final time on Monday! I also still have to…

  • Write vows
  • Print and cut the menus
  • Design, print and cut the ceremony programs
  • Design, print and cut place cards and table numbers
  • Finish sewing and stuffing the ringbearer pillows
  • Sew my veil
  • Decorate the baskets I bought for the flower girls
  • Plan the ceremony
  • Figure out favors
  • Figure out must take photos and a must play/do-not play list
  • Etch and embellish toasting glasses
  • Buy groomsman gifts
  • Make my hydrangea hair pins
  • Tie ribbons on bubbles
  • 1,000,456 final vendor meetings and dress fittings
  • + a bunch of things I’m sure I’m forgetting!

People are making me mad by flaking out on even coming to the wedding too. Sure, it’s a holiday weekend and it’s in Rochester…but half (if not more!) of the declines I’m getting are from family who initially said they were “so excited” to come and they “couldn’t wait”, and they knew then when and where it was! I guess you see people’s true colors in situations like this. I was raised to know while sometimes you may not be ultra excited to dress up and drive out to whoevers shower or wedding..you do it if they are family. It’s just the adult thing to do. -Especially- if they have gone to all of your things. I have people declining with not even the etiquette to leave a little note to say sorry..and I’ve been to a few of their bridal showers, weddings AND baby showers. It’s unbelievably rude. To make a long story short we’ve invited over 175 people and are going to be lucky if 60 come. To meet the minimum cost we have to upgrade the hell out of everything (we don’t save money if we have less people..we HAVE to spend a certain amount regardless)..So we are probably goign to have a 5 hour open bar with top of the line liquors, a chocolate fountain AND an italian desserts table..on top of the 4 course dinner and wedding cake. Yep. People who come will be shown one hell of a party..the ones who don’t can suck my ass if they want me at their communions, weddings and showers in the future.

It probably doesn’t help that the most successful part of my business and work is wedding stationery items (place cards, table numbers, favor tags and thank you cards). I spent all afternoon cutting out 400 favor tags for one girl! I live and breathe and work all things wedding right now.

My shower is Sunday and I’m excited for that (amidst being peeved about people, urgh). My mom has been working so hard on it and is so excited too. She’s having it at her house and I’m looking forward to seeing some friends I haven’t seen in a longgg time. I’m hoping I don’t go all cry baby that day. I’m an extremely sensitive, cry at the drop of a hat kind of person as it is..but now with feeling stressed and burned out lately and the big day only a month and ahalf away (almost 50 days!) I am realllly emotional. Lots of waterproof makeup for me I guess.

Once the weddings over we have our honeymoon in Outerbanks NC where we rented our own house on the beach for a week..so I’m very excited to see the ocean for the first time and finally just relax for the first time in awhile. Then I can return to normal life (still continuing my design/wedding business of course) and maybe at the end of the year start trying to have a family?:)

BTW – Random Lilly Fact (or RLF): I have a water bottle I carry around on weekdays in attempt to get the daily amount of water I’m supposed to have every day to help me look skinny for the wedding. When I fill my bottle I prefer to fill it in the upstairs bathroom. It just tastes better than the water in the kitchen. thend.

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