Trip to the gyno.. even -more- awkward than usual

April 15, 2009

I hate my yearly gyno appointment. I mean..let’s face it, no matter what it’s always awkward and uncomfy. I can’t keep getting my seasonale prescrip without my yearly pap though so I deal. Anyways, this morning was my yearly appointment and somehow it managed to be even more awkward than usual!

So I’m stripped nude in a little paper gown and sitting on the exam table waiting for my doctor come in and I hear the beeping of a large truck backing up. Ok..there’s window there, parking lot underneath. It must be a delivery truck, garbage truck…right? No big deal. WRONG. It’s three grubby looking dudes on a lift truck and parking right below my exam window!!! They are setting up to go up on the lift right outside my exam room and the blinds aren’t closed..and I don’t see any way of closing them!  There was no way I was going to stay on that exam table with my booty hanging out of the back of my gown so I hopped down and sat on my pile of clothes on another chair in the room to wait for my doctor. When she came in I explained and she had no idea what they were doing, apoligized and closed the blinds…Hopped back on the table n the lift goes up n he guys are standing right outside my window now! Thankfully she basically said screw this and said she was moving me to another room with NO windows cause it was uncomfy and weird.

I don’t know if a gyno visit will ever be  so very awkward.. I really, really..hope not. theend.

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