Busy..and under the 3 month mark now!

April 7, 2009

Sorry I haven’t been around much! Things have been getting more and more hectic lately as we get closer to the wedding, especially with my design business finally really taking off. I had my biggest week yet last week with sales (and my busiest too, obviously!), so I haven’t had much time to just sit down and blog till now.

Nothing is really to new here since I have been so busy with working..(When you work from home you also never leave work!). My mom is coming out to visit tomorrow and we plan on taking the wedding invites out to the post office and also running to the mall to pick up a couple gifties for Ry’s b-day next week. I can’t believe the wedding invites leave my hands tomorrow..crazy! Am so excited 😀 Mom sent the shower invites out last week and actually got the first rsvp (yes!) today..weee! Time is flying by super fast…I think today is 88 days until the wedding! I remember it feeling like it was a long time to go when I got engaged 1/1/08 and now I’m in the very last couple months. Things are only going to get more hectic with vendor meetings and the like but I couldn’t be happier! I also have a baby shower for my friend Jessi in the beginning of May and I am super excited to see friends I haven’t seen since high school. Crazy to know my friends are getting married and having babies when it feels like we just accepted our high school diplomas! Now I’ll be married in a couple months and maybe start planning for babies of my own in the next year!

I go into Buffalo for Easter this year for dinner at my mom’s. If I don’t get a chance to blog before then (and I probably won’t!) I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter if you celebrate 🙂

I’ll leave u with some zoe hair cut pics..(Zoe won’t let anyone cut her furs but me..so she gets “mommy cuts”)


zoe maltese before haircut zoe my maltese plays before getting groomed zoe with long fur before her haircut


zoe after her haircut mommy cut

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