Joaquin Phoenix is one seriously weird guy…

February 14, 2009

So, Joaquin Pheonix was on Letterman this week (or was he?)…and it was seriously just one really weird and awkward experience. I’m not sure why he even agreed to be on the show because he clearly wasn’y interested in being there. It was at least entertaining, maybe more enteraining than some of the normal guests with too huge egos. He just sat there and looked around sort of occasionally answering with one word answers..and occasionally getting pissed off because people were laughing


My favorite parts were probably when Letterman asks how his unibomber friends are..and when Paul Shaffer bursts out laughing (which -really- pisses off Joaquin). He HAS to be on -something-.

BTW – Did you know Joaquin is trying to make it in the music industry now? As a rapper…Nope, no joke. Weird, weird guy.

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