Stress + being tired = diet out the window!

February 18, 2009

So I’m having a stressful week and I’m exhausted..It led to my diet basically going out the window (along with the exercise!). Yesterday I ate my leftover baked mac and cheese for lunch and had a can of soup for dinner..Ok well, that’s not bad I guess..I was too stressed and overwhelmed to have much of an appetite! Today I didn’t feel up to working out (went back to bed instead!), had burnt toast and peanut butter for breakfast…bulk candy gummies and sour cream cheddar chips for lunch. Then, Ry made me one of his delicious omelettes with cheese and bacon for dinner. I made him put in the 2% cheddar at least? To top it off I ate two of my chocolates from a box of chocolates I got from Ry for V-day..Ok I guess it wasn’t that bad with my stress fasting yesterday, but I always feel guilty when I miss a workout. I hope everything that has been bothering me this week clears itself up within the next couple weeks so I can get back on track for the wedding.

Our wedding tasting and one of the main big wedding planning meetings with our venue is Saturday, I just hope I feel emotionally up to going and enjoying it! Cross your fingers for me!

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