Wedding Cake Tasting, EQ2 dorkness and business as usual!

February 8, 2009

I’ve been a little MIA the past few days…I was so caught up in blogging every day or so and then this week got really busy for me (and it’s only going to get busier as it gets closer to July!).

I have about 8 blogs I maintain, not to mention a few non-blog websites..plus a mini craft business and wedding paper supply/stationary business on the side. Well on top of my normal 2-3 blogs per day this week I was also designing, printing, cutting and hole punching a bunch of favor tag orders that came in.. A total of 4 orders totaling 800 tags? Each cut out and punched by hand..ugh! If anyone has ideas for speeding up the process of printing/cutting/punching paper products…please share! My hole punch keeps getting stuck. Grrr! I’m a perfectionist too..So once the customer orders and approves the proof I send over I’m printing and cutting almost immediately..I know how excited I am to get my wedding items, so I want to make sure theirs ships as quickly as possible! 🙂

I also had our wedding cake tasting on Saturday and it was fantastic! We discussed how the cake would be designed (4 tier round with buttercream covered with fondant, with blue and green hydrangea sugar flowers and white scrollwork icing..classic and pretty, fits the theme!), and then she sent us home with 4 slices of cake to taste and sample. We stopped briefly a the mall nearby and grabbed a bourbon chicken dinner from the food court to share and went straight home for some lunch and cake! We got to try a hazelnut cake/mocha filling combo, chocolate cake/fudge filling combo, white cake/raspberry filling combo and a lemon cake/lemon filling combo. All four were so amazingly yummy that we still haven’t decided! We at least have four tiers to work with..so we don’t have to pick just one. Right now we think we are gonna do the hazelnut/mocha, chocolate/fudge, white/raspberry and then a red velvet/cream cheese tier..but we haven’t decided in what order we want them. Mmmn..so good. (But maybe not so much for my diet! Meh!)

[dorkiness]I got my eq2 conjy to level 60 tonight..woohoo! I’m so kewlies, heehee! Also, I heard freak on a leash (korn) on the radio this weekend and I couldn’t help but reminisce about Palace Chat and how I was addicted to it back when that song was huge. Everyone and their dog had korn avatars on..even the preppies![/dorkiness]

That’s about it in lillyland..I’m going to browse through my new Victoria’s Secret catalog before I go to sleep and dream about the cute undies, bikinis and clothes I wish I could buy. Maybe I’ll post some of my favs next blog! 😀

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