Wbs.net and Glenshadow’s/Nia’s Tavern

February 4, 2009

I was browsing around some old old bookmarks the other day and ran across the booksmarks I had for some wbs.net roleplaying chatrooms I used to frequent VERY often back in 97, 98 and 99. I was a daily visitor of Glenshadow’s tavern which later became Nia’s Tavern when it changed hands.

Basically it was a gathering of dorks like me who enjoyed text-based role playing that was based in a tavern and was basically open ended. Kind of a never ending story you would create with each of your characters which would end up intertwining with others characters as you role played along with them. (link to wikipedia write up!)

I had a whole slew of characters but some of my Mains were “Pearled Maiden” or Destiny who always seemed to be in a relationship with “Damien Garrde”..She was just your regular human type..Then there was “Dawn Barron”, a vampire..I had probably about another 15 characters but I won’t bore you with the details.

Did you play in the wbs.net roleplaying chatrooms at all? If so please leave a comment! I’ve heard some people have been attempting a recreation of the old wbs rooms but I’m unsure if they’ll follow through…and if they do if all the old friends would return (probably not 🙁 ) I haven’t played much since they were bought out and the rooms disappeared..I joined im-chat and played there a bit back in the early 2000’s but honestly had completely forgotten about it until recently. They don’t have tavern style rooms there either.. :(  I miss my roleplaying buddies and sitting down for a good night of rpg’ing! Oh, I know it is so dorky…I know! I loved it though..*sniffle*

Character pic flash back!

pearl16 pearl24


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