Friday Five: Beauty and the perfect match

January 30, 2009

1) How would you define beauty?
In terms of people – Someone beautiful on the inside and the outside..Confidence, a personable attitude, creativity, uniqueness..that something ‘different’ about someone that makes them stand out. In terms of everything else – There are so many things that can be beautiful from a newly opened flower to freshly fallen snow…
2) What is the best quality a person can have?
Honesty, Sense of humor, intelligence
3) What is the worse quality a person can have?
ignorance, laziness, bad hygiene
4) What makes up your perfect match?
Someone with a sense of humor, honesty, creativity, intelligence and loyalty. Someone who enjoys things that I enjoy so we can do things together. Someone I’m attracted to..both inside and out.
5) Have you met this person yet?
Yes..I marry him July 4th 🙂


Now I better get to work! I jogged for an hour and a half and then cleaned all morning…I have so much work to catch up on now..Blogging away!

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