You…are selling ice cream!

January 30, 2009

So I was watching American Idol last night with Ryan and I fell in love with Joel Contreras on American Idol from San Juan Puerto Rico auditions. OK..not really, but I thought he was hilarious. I think someone should give him his own show where he goes around the streets singing and “screamo”ing at people about what they are doing. Like Tom Green when he had balls and bothered people in public for a reaction. Joel is on the streets with a guitar singing and screaming at a guy selling ice cream and I couldn’t help but squeal with giggles. Give him his own show!


*giggles*I wish I had the balls to do that kind of crap in public! Hell, I’m too self conscious to even make videos of myself for online…oi!

TGIF! Almost time for my jog..then I have to straighten up for company tomorrow. 😀

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