Valentine's day and my lingerie addiction

January 27, 2009

I can’t believe it’s almost Valentine’s Day! It’s a little over 2 weeks away…wow. Time is flying by so quickly!

Now as you know I’m an absolute lingerie addict..I love the pretty little slips and chemises, corsets..baby dolls and pretty bras. Well, as always, Frederick’s has released some pretty under things in the spirit of Valentine’s Day and I’m in love! There is a pretty red chemise with little pink and red hearts, a pink halter chemise and a gorgeous white bra with red and black heart details…So cute! I miss buying new under things! Once the wedding is over and paid for I’ll be so excited to go to Fredericks or Victoria’s Secret and get some new pretty things..Just as long as I don’t get too relaxed after the wedding and balloon in size from eating! lol Seriously..how cute are these?

fredericks red valentines day chemise valentines day white pushup bra with hearts fredericks pink lace silk chemise

Ugh..so cute *dies*

On another note, I made some homemade baked mac and cheese last night. It turned out pretty good just a little bland since I was trying to be good with my diet and used 2% shredded cheddar cheese. I’ll have to try it over the weekend on one of my splurge nights with some additional non-diet cheeses like sharp cheddar and monterey jack. Yum! Tonight I’m going to make some kind of baked chicken with some brown rice or smashed golden potatoes. I found a couple recipes at SparkPeople and haven’t decided if I want to make the Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken or the Foil Pack Chicken… guess I’ll see what I’m feeling at dinner time!

*dances off*

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