Tired of "Feebay"..but what else is there?

January 26, 2009

So eBay has been implementing even more pain in the butt rules to their already dumb rules and policies..When will it stop?

They already made it so buyers can leave feedback for sellers but sellers can’t leave feedback for buyers unless it’s good feedback. This is horrible for sellers (like me) because I have run across a lot of deadbeat bidders/buyers and people trying to scam you cause they think they might get away with it. This new no feedback for buyers rule basically allows skeezy buyers to threaten negative feedback if you do what they ask you to do (like replace an item they broke, or else!).

Now they have introduced a new rule where the only payment accepted is Paypal (which the also own, surprise surprise!). This is going to make a lot of people mad because there are buyers who either don’t have a credit card or just don’t trust putting their financial info online (totally understandable!). These buyers can no longer purchase things on ebay with this new Paypal only rule.

These things on top of the ridiculous fees it costs to list an item, not to mention if the item sells the additional crazy final value fees and paypal fees..You can hardly make any kind of a profit anymore if you are a small seller. It really is a shame..I used to love ebay but I grow more and more discourage with how they run things every month. It boggles my mind to think some people are sitting around a big table in some corporate office coming up with these ridiculous new rules thinking they are going to benefit their company. It’s just making the sellers leave! Where are their heads?

Anyways..can anyone recommend some other options? I know of Blujay.com, Etsy.com and Silk Fair..Any other good ones I should check out? I have a BluJay store and have used etsy but obviously there is nothing like the reach ebay has. I wish Google would come up with their own auctions with lower fees and less ridiculous rules. I bet they’d give Ebay some good competition!

edit: I know..why am I writing this at 1am? Why am I up?


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