Today was an exciting day, a day of hope! :D

January 21, 2009

Today was a day in history I will not soon (or ever) forget. I sat on the couch with my maltese Zoe cuddled warm in a blanket with the tv tuned to inauguration coverage all day! Whether I was blogging, working, twittering or eating..for the most part I was glued to the television watching history happen before my eyes. Like many Americans I was inspired and in awe by today’s significance in history and the outburst of hope and excitement of the American people. To see Washington DC so packed with freezing happy people all to see Barack Obama forced me to hold back tears. I couldn’t however hold them in anymore when Obama was sworn in and did his speech..I am just so excited for a change and it feels like we are starting a whole new chapter in our history and lives. Whether you voted for him or not, one must be proud that we are a nation who has come so very far! No one is perfect, so I expect him to screw up (he’s only human!)..but I feel like we can only go up from here. I think he will be the one to rebuild our country, our economy, keep us safe and rebuild our foreign relationships…It’s nice to wake up and feel like there is hope again! Go Obama! 😀

On another completely insignifigant note..I got Eclipse today. The library called me yesterday telling me I could pick the book up, but didn’t tell me they were closed. Oh well! It’s sitting next to me right now just crying out “Read me..read me now! Idnbubuyvgt7!!!” To that I say…”Well..Ok then!”

OH..and I ordered all the materials to make my wedding invites last night! Will post a pic when I create a mockup!

btw – Posting this at 12:30am so technically…it was yesterday. yep.

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