My wait for Eclipse is up! Yay!

January 19, 2009

The library called this morning to let me know that I’m next in line to receive the Twilight series book “Eclipse” by Stephenie Meyer….YAY! I placed a hold at the library at the beginning of the month and have been itching to read the book after finishing the first two in the series so quickly. I’m heading over to pick it up as soon as Ry gets in from work. *dances and spins* I’ll be sure to blog when I finish and tell you what I thought of it..although I’m sure it’ll be good 😀

I don’t know if it’s because its the start if the New Year or what but I’ve been strangely obsessed with cleaning the house lately whenever I am up and about and have a spare minute. You would think I was pregnant and nesting in preparation but I know I’m not. I think I’m just insane? Or maybe it’s just making me feel better to have control over something since I have been so busy and stressed with working and wedding planning. Who knows..at least the house is squeaky clean!

Speaking of wedding planning I checked off a few important things on the list over the weekend..yay! I stopped at David’s Bridal to select the flower girl dresses for my two flower girls (Ryan’s nieces!). I decided on a cute satin tea length ballgown in white with a cornflower blue satin sash for their waists. I wish I lived near them so I could see them go try it on..They are going to look so adorable! I also set an appointment for our cake tasting with our wedding cake baker and spoke to the pastor about what we are going to need to provide him with for the ceremony. Check, check..check! Everything’s coming along! Both the cake tasting and menu tasting at our venue are next month so I’m ultra excited to get a taste of what we will serve our guests on the big day. Plus..you can’t beat free edibles. Am I right?

Well, I’m going to keep watching the Paranormal State marathon on my dvr while I wait for the arrival of my dude. *poof!*

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