Migraines, Loans and Wedding Pics!

October 28, 2008

Uggh. I feel like asshole today. I went to bed with the slightest of headaches and woke up in the middle of the night with the most painful migraine I’ve had in a loooong time. It didn’t help that I was startled awake by my tank of a cat in Ryan’s room trying to open the closet by flailing is 14 pound orange and white body into the sliding doors. He does this until he knocks the door(s) off the track so he can get inside. It sounds like someone slamming a door over and over again. Why is he so intent on going in the closet you may ask? Oh, well that’s the strange thing..! He has become obsessed with a present my mom gave Ry as a joke a couple of Christmases ago – a plush rapping doll. Apparently he can’t get enough of kicking the crap out of a little plush eminem looking doll. He even broke the dolls sunglasses. Anyone want a Turkish Van cat?

As for life updates we’ve been trying to make some changes around here to deal with the shit state of the economy we are in to cut down monthly bill payments to allow us to afford the wedding. We are in a pretty decent amount of credit card debt from over the past few years, a huge chunk of it doing home repairs here like the 50 yr roof we put on last fall. We are trying to get a home equity loan to pay it off, but with the economy the way it is right now aren’t getting our hopes up too high. I know a lot of people would tell us not to go this direction to cut down credit cards, but we feel this is the smartest thing to do right now. We are currently handling our monthly bills just fine, as long as we stick to our budget. We are however sickened by the finance charges we see flying off into the abyss every month on these cards, so we figured this is our best option for several reasons. One, because the interest is tax deductible and let’s face it..the government seriously kills us with taxes. Ry doesn’t bring home nearly the amount he is salaried at..and they took 60% of his $3,200 bonus this year that was supposed to help pay for our wedding. Two, the interest rates (while still variable) are cut in half which means less of our hard earned dough flys into the abyss. Lastly if we get the loan we applied for we will be cutting our monthly payments down by $400 a month. That’s $400 we can put towards the principle of the loan instead of interest, so we can cut down our debt a million times faster than the rate we are at now (about $100 a week). We can even possible take $100 of that and put it into savings while the other $300 goes to principle to create an emergency fund and still make ground on debt much faster than we are right now. So we are basically crossing our fingers. The appraiser walked through our house yesterday and seemed upbeat about our request..so we are really crossing our fingers!

On another note, I know I’ve mentioned my mom’s wedding a few times and she recently got pictures back from the photographer. Here are a couple…. (the second one we were instructed to lean in and act like we were kissing the bride..some ppl don’t follow directions well, hehe!)

OH! Also, Halloween is Friday and I decided this year I’d make my own costume and it is about as dork as it gets! Guess what i’m going to be this year? A World of Warcraft Blood Elf Mage! HEHE! Pics to come 🙂

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