Engagement party and my stupid laptop.

September 24, 2008

Oh, hello there! An update..yippee! Not really. I’m pretty boring! So what’s new on the lilly front? Not much..just having our engagement party get together this weekend..SOoo, I’m planning for that amid the normal muck of everyday life.

We are having a small gathering at our house Saturday afternoon as sort of an engagement party. Basically, we are finally getting both of our parents (and step-parents) into one place, so they can finally meet each other. We figured this would be a nice beginning to a long list of wedding festivities and to-dos, and we also figured it would make things less awkward ont he big day if everyone had already met and talked previously. So long as everyone gets along I guess! We aren’t doing anything big – just a small barbeque of burgers and hot dogs, some homemade baked beans and baked desserts. If everyone feels up to it we may also head to the wedding venue to show them where we will be saying our I dos. Should be fun! The cleaning and prepping the house beforehand..eh..not so much.

I’m also back on a more strict diet on weekdays like I was doing a year ago when I lost the first 10-12 pounds. The wedding day is approaching a lot faster than we thought it would..so I know I need to get back in gear now to be the petite bride I am hoping to be. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty small and in shape now..but I like how my face looks better (more defined?) when I’m 135-140lbs..so I want to lose at last 5-10 pounds in the next 9 months. I’m starting now because I know the colder weather holidays are coming upon us now..so if I focus on losing now it won’t be a big deal if I gain a couple during the holiday parties. (Makes it easier to lose everything after January 1st rolls around if I lost some before I pigged out!) So far it has only been a week or so, so nothing really in regards to weight change yet..but it’s a slow process so I’ll be patient. Not eating whatever I want sucks though, and makes me cranky. If I was granted wishes one would definitely be to be able to eat whatever I want, whenever I want..and still be tiny and in shape. It takes qay to long to exercise off 100 calories..compared to the minute or so it takes to consume them!

*Rant* Lastly, my laptop is stupid. It always loses it’s wireless internet connection and sometimes won’t even open firefox. I broke down and reinstalled windows on it today thinking it would solve my problem, but it is not plug and play at all (or fast for that matter..256 mb ram?? UGH!)..so it still needs working internet drivers that don’t suck. The dell support site has about 102 different drivers for networking..Which one do I use turdnuts at dell? Could you be any less helpful? I finally found and installed one that will connect to internet..but it takes about 2 minutes to load each page, regardless of being on a cable connection. Fuck you laptop. I hate you. I have a million things to do on my blogs and web businesses, and I’m forced to sit on my desktop in the basement because despite spending 6 hours on the laptop, it still acts like a piece of splooge. WHen the wedding is over and we pay off our debt..I NEED an up to date laptop…and a couch. Our couch is also a bumpy lumpy turd. *huff*

And I’m off!

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