I've been SO busy. Foof.

September 1, 2009

I know..I know. I’ve been totally MIA lately. I also know you’ve heard this one before..yadda yadda. That’s life!

So what has been consuming most of my time? My business! It has been kind of snowballing in growth since it’s official start in February and seems to be consuming more and more of my time every week. I am actually starting to throw around the idea of needing to hire a family member or friend to come over once in awhile and help me get out orders when I get backed up if it keeps growing like it has been. So yes…very busy! But good busy.. 😀 The more busy I am the more money I have to pay down our debt. The more debt we pay off the better off we will be. Once I’m off coumadin if the money situation is looking up we may be able to start tossing the idea of having kids around at the end of the year! Woohoo! Plus Ry has been uber successful at his job and recently got a raise..(with another possibly around the corner!) So proud!

Since I started typing this blog..3 new orders. Ugh..see? I can’t even blog without a slew of new orders coming into my inbox! Craziness. I’ll have to cut this shorter than I wanted to!

Anywho..married life isn’t much different than life before we got married. We still live together..We are still uber happy and in love..Pretty much just legally tied now! It feels nice to call him my husband though. All the single ladies were jealous of him looking all pimp in his suit at my cousin April’s wedding Friday night. Sorry ladies..he’s off the market now! 😉

Healthwise I am doing better! I am still on the coumadin pills every night but I’m almost 2 months in now. I am hoping I’ve got a month left to go and then I can be done. I’m still getting the occasional nausea and dizziness but it has subsided a ton since getting off the lovenox shots. I still haven’t been given the ok to work out though…I’m hoping when I talk to the nurse tomorrow after bloodwork she may give me the thumbs up for that. Although I don’t know if I’ll be able to find time to do it anyways right now. *sniffsniff..ugh. I love when my dog farts on me..grimace*

We made our first trip to Bed Bath and Beyond this weekend to buy some goodies with gift cards we got for the wedding and ended up grabbing ourselves a Keurig platinum. It makes single serve cups of coffee, tea and cocoa..I AM IN LOVE WITH IT.

I have my pro wedding pics now as well….I’ll post them soon! 😛 foof.

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