Back from honeymoon..(and hospital)

July 31, 2009

Well it has been a week and a half (or so) since I got back from our honeymoon so I figured an update was due!

I guess since the wedding worked out so perfectly that it just wasn’t in our cards for our honeymoon would be as well. As a whole it ended up going alright since it was about 10-11 days away but the beginning of it..not so much. As most of you know already the plan was head to DC for a few days before heading to our ultimate destination which was a beach house rented for a week in the southern outer banks of NC..followed by a stop in MD on the way back up to break up the drive. Wellll..due to me being on the pill for about 8 years and being in the car for 7 hours+ driving down from NY to DC I ended up getting a blood clot in my right calf. We even stopped about 3 times through the drive to use the restrooms and let Zoe walk a bit and empty out. Still got a clot though :(. I didn’t realize it until the next day either! See, we got into DC probably round 7:30pm-8pm and my legs and butt both hurt and ached but I figured it was normal since I had been in the car most of the day and shrugged it off. The Sheraton Suites of Old Town sent up a  delicious cheese and fruit platter free for being on honeymoon so we munched on that and some local calzones for dinner before heading to bed with hopes of seeing DC the next day. That, however, didn’t happen. I woke up basically unable to walk on my right leg because whenever I would stand up sharp pains would shoot up through my calf and it felt like heat and blood was rushing to my calf. The last thng was thinking was that it was a blood clot so when Ryan ran to grab so groceries I told him to grab some muscle rub and a bandage to wrap my leg to attempt to still enjoy the trip. While he was at the store I called my cousin who is a registered nurse and she insisted I go to the ER because what I was describing to her sounded like a blood clot. Went to the ER round noon and was stuck in there till that Saturday diagnosed with a blood clot in my right calf. We were supposed to make second half of the drive down to NC that Saturday but instead got another night at the hotel to recoup. The hospital allowed me to make the trip Sunday as long as I stopped every hour to walk (more like limp!) around and stretch..and take nightly blood thinner injections to prevent the clot from moving to my lungs and killing me. (Fun huh!)

We got to NC safely and by the end of the week when it was almost time to leave I was starting to walk normal again and got to see and walk in the ocean, see the wild horses on shackleford banks and collect some neat seashells before heading back to MD and home.

Needless to say I enjoyed being away from Rainchester and experience summer for about a week but could have done without spending the first third of the honeymoon in a hospital bed on an iv with blood draws that were happening almost constantly. I still enjoyed NC though..(Well, mostly. I can do without the prehistoric sized bugs that are there since they don’t really (if ever?) get snow.)

I’m now trying to get back to normal with my business and taking care of the house but I’m struggling a little because I’m on so much medication from the clot that I feel like ass all day. My primary doc still has me on nightly injections of lovenox which is an instant blood thinner into my stomach (given by my doting husband <3) and coumadin pills which are a gradual blood thinner with almost daily morning blood draws to check my blood thinness. Stillt rying to get the blood thin enough to be in what they call a therapeutic level which is between 2 and 3. On Wednesday it was at 1.88 and I had a draw this morning..I’m hopinh when I get a call (any minute now) it’ll be above 2 so I can stop the nightly shots. (They burn like hell!)

It really sucks because even with insurance the medical bills are adding up to cost more than our whole honeymoon even did. We have to stick to a tight budget now just to make sure we can cover my doctor bills. Ugh. Suckage. Oh well. We will pull through on top in the end..We always do. It’s just the in between struggle that sucks!

Here are some honeymoon shots… 😀

ryan loves lilly beach

wild horse shackleford banks nc

crab on our private beach

me and the whelk shell i found on the beach

cape lookout lighthouse

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