Not enough sleep..damn you EQ2! :P

January 12, 2009

So it’s almost 7:30pm and I’m totally falling asleep as I wait for Ryan to get out of the bath so we can have dinner. I shouldn’t be so tired before 8 o’clock..but I stayed up too late last night playing EQ2 and then got up way to early when Ry left for work. Sure, I work from home..I should have napped! Nope. I spent all day keeping up with the day to day housework, jogging for an hour and then working on my multitude of blogs. I am going to sleep sooo well tonight. I’m surprised I managed to jog an hour and not kill myself being as tired as I am!

I have been enjoying playing EQ2 lately since recently restarting my subscription (as can be seen with my lack of sleep, lol). My main is a level 53 (almost 54) conjuror with a sucky pet who can’t hold aggro for the life of me. I named my pet Lamesack to illustrate its complete pointlessness. Ryan and I group up (he has a fury at the same level), so the pets crappiness isn’t too much of a problem unless we are taking on a group of ^^^ heroics. I have to finish questing in the Obelisk of Lost Souls tonight to clear some space in my quest log..if I can keep my eyes open long enough. Eep!

Ravioli tonight with smart balance butter..yum yum.

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