Hot Cocoa & Harry Potter..?

January 11, 2009

Well I just finished a big mug of delicious hot cocoa after watching the third Harry Potter movie for the first time. I know..I’m like 4 or 5 years late on watching it. Better late than never right? Movie was good, just like the first two of course 🙂 I told Ryan while watching that I want my own animitronic rat like Ron Weasley had when boarding the train. So cute. Anybody you know sell lifelike -cute- animitronic rats? Probably not..meh! I have to see the next movie now!

Ryan and I watch movies pretty often but we had gotten a bit obsessed with the asian horror genre, complete with subtitles. (The dubbing is corny!) Because of that we kindof fell behind in other movies and movie series we enjoyed before the j-horror/k-horror addiction. We decided his week we needed to finish watching the entire Harry Potter movie series, Pirates of the Caribbean series and Lord of the Ring series. (Which reminds me..When Ryan and I first started dating we rented the first LOTR and he startled me during the movie thinking it’d be funny – so I threw a big cup of water I was holding on him. Let’s just say he doesn’t intentionally startle me anymore. 😉 ) Noting beats cuddling up on the couch with cocoa to watch some rentals on a snowy winter night!

Speaking once again of cocoa..if you love Hot cocoa you should try the Land O Lakes brand if you haven’t already. It’s this good – inaiwefbniaesbnviabinfinNIUYBYVB!!!! We got a big bulk pack of like 10 flavors from Sam’s Club a couple months ago and each flavor is creamy and delicious. My personal favs are the white chocolate and the chocolate raspberry. Drop in a couple mini marshmellows and POOF..heaven. Yep.

Ok. Bed time! *snore*

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