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January 24, 2008

Hmmn..how did my picture/site become first in google image search for cam girls? It’s my big smiling face and then a bunch of nudies..hehee. Word.

So, I’m procrastinating. I decided I need to do some cleaning today. not the usual pick up round the house..do dishes..laundry cleaning. I’m pullin’ out the big guns today. Oh yes. My shark steamer is totally gonna kick my kitchen and bathroom floor’s ass. My dog is too curious and has an intelligence of -2 though, so I’;m sure she’ll get in the way and make the process a pain.

I’ve further succeeded in my weight loss goals, I weighed in yesterday at 147.6 😀 YaY! I also took measurements and I’m now at 32c-27-37..so in total I’ve lost 4 inches around hips and 3 around waist..just a couple more on each and I’m ready for bikini weather in 5-6 months..I couldn’t be more on track. Wweoeeoooo. I think these are so cute!

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