My Run is Done, yay.

January 21, 2008

Well I just finished my run for today..so I need to shower! Feels good though! I did an old routine on the treadmill I used to do about a year and a half ago where I slowly increase incline to max and then back down over a span of 20 mins..and then flat out jog the remaining 25 minutes. Managed about 3.2 miles, all at some kind of incline. I want to work this back into my workout schedule more often, as I was using this most of the time when I was in my best shape in June 2006. Slowly but surely I -will- get back to that phyiscally, hopefully by summer!

When Ry and I bought our house and moved up to Rochester I quit my job in Buffalo and it really did a number on me physically to have a complete change in environment and schedule. Working from home I picked up bad habits of eating unhealthy big portions every meal of the day and then I was too consumed in working online, taking care ofmy new emo puppy and..*couch* playing MMORPG’s..*cough* to workout. Long story short, over a year I ended up putting on almost 20 pounds. 160. OUCH! Yes. I’m not going to be one of those girls who fake it in their profiles because they are embarrassed to admit their weight. Not gonna name any names. But ya 😉 I am what I am, you get what you see. I know I’m not fat, but I definitely gained too quickly over one years time and was just unhealthy. I’ve gotten better though, I’m now at 148 and still losing!

Since October I’ve gotten back on track. For the past 3 and a half months I’ve lost 12 pounds of what I gained by simply by adding workouts back into my schedule 3-4 days a week (usually Mon, Wed, Fri..sometimes Sat), and watching what I eat on weekdays..sticking to 1200-1700 calories a day. (No more nightly sundaes! lol) I’m too huge a foodie to just diet every single day..so on weekends I loosen up the reigns a bit and allow myself to eat some of the things I don’t allow myself to have during the weekdays..a hot dog.. some takeout, a big bowl of ice cream..Yum! I’d go crazy if I couldn’t eat some of the yummy junk I love at least at some point during the week. Hey, it’s working! Maybe not as quickly as if I was to stick to it every day..but 12 pounds is a huge loss for me (about a pound a week), and I’m happy. My goal weight is to be around 135-140 (which is perfect for my height, 5’8″-5’9″). I just want to fit back into my sz 4 denim mini for summer. I know I’ll never be a size zero..but I don’t want to be! Working out has made me gain lean muscle in so many places, especially my legs…that there’d be nooo way I’d ever manage to be that tiny without losing my muscle. I was size zero when I was “skinny-fat”, not eating a ton and never working out. I prefer the more fit me 😀 10-15 more pounds lost by summer..and sexy bikinis! That is my goal. Huzzah!

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