First Anniversary Vacation & Expecting (!)

June 16, 2010

I have been MIA..I know, I know..You’ve heard this on and off since I opened this site almost 10 years ago. I have a really good excuse for a change though!

Hubby and I are expecting our first little one in mid-December (12/15 or 12/16)! I’m in my 4th month now (14 weeks tomorrow) and so far everything is going really smoothly. We’ve seen or little bean on ultrasound twice now and he/she (my gut says it’s a she) has been strong as can be and growing ahead of schedule. Heartbeat at the first ultrasound was 183bpm at 8w6d and 165bpm at 11w6d. Whenever we pick it up on doppler it’s still going strong at around 160-165. I’m not showing a whole lot yet (mostly just bloat at night) so it doesn’t feel quite real yet. I’m not sure it it will feel real when I’m feeling it move or if I will have to wait til he/she is in my arms this December. Now you know why I’ve been silent. I just couldn’t blog without including this huge news so I wanted to wait till I was closer to or in the 2nd trimester before I let the cat out of the bag. 🙂 Crossing my fingers for a happy, healthy, full term December baby!

I’m completely ecstatic to be expecting but so far I am not enjoying the whole being pregnant. Because of my blood clot last summer on my honeymoon my doctors upped me to a high risk pregnancy and have me on nightly lovenox (blood thinner) shots to ensure I don’t clot and clots don’t harm the baby. I’ve been on the shots for just over 2 months now and I’m soooo over being stuck every night. My tummy and thighs are all bruised! I just look at my ultrasound pics and remind myself that’s why I am taking them and that it’s worth it cause I get my own little present at the end. I’m stuck on the lovenox till mid November and then they are switching me to Heparin twice a day till the baby is born and then back on lovenox for another 6 weeks..so I’ll be on shots basically till January or March. Yucky yuck. As for the other usual pregnancy stuff that is at least lessening now that I’m at the 2nd Tri mark. I had some pretty bad constant nausea and sleepiness for awhile there. I was basically living on all carbs because it was all I could stomach. Let me tell you that does not help with weight gain :/ Ah well. Just more to lose when the baby is out!

On a different note we are already coming up on our first wedding anniversary on July 4th! We booked a vacation down the east coast to celebrate and I can’t wait to go! We leave June 30th and make 3-4 hour drives with stops at hotels (Binghamton, Maryland and Virginia) along the way until we reach the beach house we rented for a week on Topsail Island in NC.  Then it’s back up the coast again with stops in Virginia, Delaware & Binghamton (I think?!). Can’t wait! A couple weeks of time together with hopefully some nice weather is much needed before the craziness begins at the end of the year. I can’t wait to see the ocean again ( and maybe I’ll be lucky enough to see some dolphins!). Woohoo!

Nothing else really beyond the usual day to day stuff. Running my biz and just recently my nesting instinct has been kicking in so I’m cleaning, cleaning, cleaning! Busy, busy bee! 🙂

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