Zoe the maltese vs. Pat the neighbor

January 6, 2009

zoe maltese dog on cat perch

My dog Zoe is only 3.8-4 pounds..but she thinks she’s a big girl. She’s a full grown 2 year old maltese who doesn’t realize she’s almost too tiny to even BE a dog by many people’s standards. I personally find that silly..She does everything any other dog does, she just requires less effort and exercise. (She fetches a Nerf football that’s almost the same size as she is for gosh sakes! lol)

We bought a cat perch in April when Totoro (Turkish Van cat) was brought into the family and Zoe took a liking (LOVING) to it. She spent every afternoon basking in the sun on the window perch, sleeping and watching the neighbors. We ended up having to buy an identical second perch for the window nearby so both Zoe and the cat could bask and relax. They are installed on the front big windows of our house so they can watch the day to day “action”.

As she relaxes and peers outside everyday we’ve learned she has a completely unfounded hate for one neighbor who lives across the street. We call him Pat because he introduced himself to us over a snow blower once and that’s what we thought he said..but now we think we misheard him. We have called him Pat for so long though that he’s going to remain “Pat”. Anyways, Zoe hates Pat. Loathes Pat. She even recognizes his red pick up truck and can’t stand it when he drives by. She can’t even stand it when she sees his garage is open and he is nowhere to be seen. (She KNOWS he must be nearby.) She growls and scream barks and stands on the perch with her front paws scratching at the window in anger. Another person can walk by and they may get a small muffled “uff”..but not Pat. Complete disdain for that man.

Poor guy. What makes a tiny dog hate a random male neighbor so very much? I don’t think I’ll ever know.

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