Bridal Shower and Toronto Trip :D

August 22, 2008

It has been a busy few weeks! I know I’ve been lacking in the blog department since the video but I’ve been so busy…eep!

A couple weeks ago was my mom’s bridal shower, and since I’m her maid of honor I had to do a lot of the planning for the day. I hand made the invites, collected the RSVPs (the few that actually had the decency to call!), purchased a biiiig deli platter and made a cake. The cake turned out wonderfully! Everyone at the shower didn’t believe it was real, and when I told them it was..they couldn’t believe I had made it. I was flattered..I LOVE baking. It’s one of only a few things I feel I’m good at. The shower went extremely well -  my mom couldn’t have been happier about everything we did for the day. (Now if only the whole wedding thing was a happier situation, but I won’t elaborate on that one. >:( )

The following weekend (last weekend) we headed out to Toronto for the weekend. We had tickets to see Radiohead at the Molson Ampitheatre on Friday night, so we made a mini vacation out of it and stayed until Monday morning. Back in April or May I somehow managed to score the very first 4 tickets for the General Admission Pit for the show. Ryan, my brother and I all went up together Friday afternoon for the concert. The show ended up being amazing. We were right up front next to the speakers and it was a fantastic show! We took in our surroundings and danced and had the best time. 🙂 Afterwards we went back to the hotel by taxi, admiring the nightlife of the city. We stayed right in the heart of downtown at the Sheraton Centre, on the 18th floor. The view was soo cool! We had a view of the city and the CN tower right outside our window. We went to sleep every night with the drapes drawn open to fall asleep watching the lights of the city. We spent the rest of the weekend shopping and sight seeing – visiting Ikea, the Real Canadian Superstore, the Eaton Centre and wandering up and down Queen Street. I had the best time! I was so sad when the vacation was over. I’m absolutely in love with Toronto and hope someday to own some kind of property in or near the city so I can go whenever I want. Mmmn Poutine.

We then had our engagement pictures taken Monday night upon returning from Toronto..and head out to Binghamton tonight for the weekend. Always on the go..oi! Those will have to be another blog entry.. I want to try and get a workout in, shower and pack (again.) *waves*

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