Bloodtests, License Renewal and Gyno..Oh my!

June 23, 2008

Well, I’m in the habit of staying up much too late lately, and I’m laying in bed waiting for Ry and decided I’d give you the latest in my world of Lilly. It isn’t a very -exciting- world, persay..but an update nonetheless! I had a very busy Friday! Ry took off work to take me around town to get things done I’ve been needing to do but had been putting off. I managed to accomplish them all by 3:30pm – in time for a much needed nap (due to the aforementioned staying up much too late lately).

When we woke up we headed to get blood tests done. Our new Rochester doctor requested we both have them done, and since they are only open during work hours we both went in at the same time to get them all done and out of the way. His blood draw went pretty easily. It was his first time having blood drawn so his hardest part was just figuring out what to do when he was called into the room (he initially sat down in a stool instead of the chair with the arm rest they strap your arm too). He, luckily enough, has big veins..so she poked n drew quickly and he was all set. I wish I could say the same for me 🙁 . Whenever I give blood they always have issues finding my tiny veins. I ended up getting stuck in both arms since the first arm was unsuccessful. She poked my right arm and went on a vein hunt, basically (painfully) windshield wiper moving the needle/point back and forth and in and out under my skin trying to find the vein (TMI? Sorrys!). Eventually she gave up on that arm, yanking out the needle, abruptly allowing a spurt of blood fly through the air and onto the only pair of jeans that currently fit me right. Just great. On to the second arm! Same problem with this one, only after a few swipes back n forth she poked the vein, finally, and drew the blood. I got to walk out of the office with matching cotton ball bandage arm accessories. So rad. My doctor said that if they find anything unusual they’d let me know this week. My mom was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and since I’m experiencing a lot of the symptoms of it..I’m wondering if I may suffer from it too. Guess I’ll know this week!

Next I went to get my license renewed. I’m not big on driving because the people driving around me (as seen in a previous post) completely lack any knowledge of the road and driving skill. They make me anxious when I’m behind the wheel..and a bit (very) angry. Anywho, my license expired at the very end of 2006, when I had first moved to Rochester..and I had been putting off the whole renewal for a year and a half. Working from home I didn’t have any absolute need to be behind the wheel..so I just didn’t want to bother with the dmv and renewal. I certainly didn’t want to retest tho..so with the 2 years after expiration renewal limit heading my way in under 6 months I figured it was about time I got the crap done with. It ended up being rather painless though surprisingly! I guess that’s one bonus of having to pay $4,000 something in property taxes every year on a house we bought for $115k. The public buildings and services are pretty convenient and modern..and the dmv was great! We went to the Greece Ridge Mall DMV and were in and out in under 10 minutes! Everything was digital…10-15 windows of workers with digital numbers theyd ding on the screen above their heads. You got a number and just waited for it to appear above one of the desks. In and out..super easy..SO cool. I am now licensed to rule the streetz of Rochester once again duddez.

Lastly I went to the Gyno..but I’ll basically leave it at that. I don’t think you need THAT much info. Especially anything involving my girly parts. I managed to get a year refill on my seasonale so I’m happy. Wee-hoo.

That was my Friday! The weekend itself was pretty uneventful except for our meeting with a DJ on Saturday morning. It went well! We are spending more on a DJ than we originally planned..but we are happy with our decision. We were initially thinking “Well, it’s just music, who cares who plays it.” Then we thought about it and were like well..we are putting SO much into everything involving our wedding (time AND money) that it would really suck if we got someone cheap and it ended up being some embarassing, overinteractive douche who ended up being all our guests remembered, despite all of our planning. We saw bad reviews of some djs in our area being rude to guests, hitting on the groom..etc. We didn’t want to be in that group, so we booked a nice package with a company that’s been in business awhile..and is very professional about it. We are excited! What’s neat to is we can login to their site and start setting up all of our playlists for them online. Wee! So that makes us just about done booking all the big stuff for the wedding. All that’s left is the smaller things. We have the Ceremony/Reception Venue, Food, Cake, Photographer, Videographer, Officiant, FLorist and DJ. I also have my dress. Yay..we are moving right along 🙂


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