My Life..srsly..an update??

January 15, 2008

YaIknow. It’s literally been about 4-5 months since I’ve blogged. I’m a slacker. Err..was? The site has been completely rebuilt into WordPress now and I love it. It’s organized, it’s easy. I’m back now, with more to say than ever before! (Maybe.) Squee!

So here’s the biggest news as of late..ready?

I’m Engaged!

Yep. Completely and officially. Not planning a wedding until 2009 or so, but I have the ring and it’s about as beautiful as it could possibly be! Ry had a little speech and got down on one knee at midnight new years eve going into new years day and proposed. Of course I said yes! Couldn’t be happier. I’m all dorky and have a little wedding planning binder and it’s all ready for me to plan, plan away! I’m excited!

Other than that, I was just extremely, extremely busy – especially over the holidays! I’ve been trying to get my design/web business built from scratch, dieting and working out to lose the 20 pounds I put on when I moved out here to Rochester a year ago (12lb down, 8-15 to go! haven’t decided how much I want to lose yet!), and just taking care of the house, pets and fiance as best as I possibly can. The days fly by! There aren’t nearly enough minutes in a day for me to get everything done I want to fit in everyday. I guess it doesn’t help either when you re-activate your WoW account and become briefly obsessed, again.

So ya..that’s what you’ve missed in a nutshell. I plan on being a lot more active here on enrapture now tho, so bookmark me! I want to expand my blogs now to not only cover my daily happenings but my wedding planning, fitness and dieting tips and news, things I find funny..cooking..food..videos.. randomness… I could go on forever! Basically, much more blog content. Thanks to everyone who has stuck by me over the years(almost 7 now!) when I’ve been slacking, and welcome all my new visitors 😀

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