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AIM Idiotz

These are some of the convos I have when I’m on the public Screennames..if you act like an idiot, you risk being posted here for all the net to see! My screenname is Enrapture82..the rest are the idiots. (Note: All screennames remain unchanged for the humiliation of the aim idiot.)

Mr K

MrK: hey

MrK: how r u

enrapture82: hi

enrapture82: ok u

MrK: good

MrK: do u have a cam?

enrapture82: ya its not on tho

MrK: oh ok

MrK: what kinda stuff do u on cam

enrapture82: sit

MrK: no showing or nething

enrapture82: nope

MrK: oh ok

MrK: would u for me u think

MrK: ?

enrapture82: would u for me?

MrK: yea

MrK: what would u do for me

enrapture82: Id show u some of my fried chicken, im eating some its good

MrK: lol

MrK: anything else

enrapture82: u could see my tv im watching maury

MrK: kool

MrK: where u from?

enrapture82: ny

MrK: o kool

MrK: so do u have a bf?

enrapture82: yes

MrK: and u will still show me on ur cam?

enrapture82: i will show u some spagetti

enrapture82: that can be sexxy


MrK: i want the good stuff

enrapture82: oo whats good? OOO ICE CREAMM?!

MrK: no

MrK: u r

MrK: naked

MrK: lol

MrK: will u?

enrapture82: will you eat some chicken?

MrK: ok

enrapture82: k will u eat it n be sexy when u eat it n play with ur nose

MrK: ok

enrapture82: REALLY?!

MrK: yea

enrapture82: OMG im excited

enrapture82: i think im wet

MrK: ok

MrK: lol

enrapture82: oo no thats the grease from my chicken

MrK: oh ok

enrapture82: :-\ sorry, almost had me there

MrK: had u where

enrapture82: almsot had me horny, i was thinkin of u eatin my chicken fondlin ur nose

MrK: lol

MrK: kool

MrK: do u have a pic right now

enrapture82: pic of my chicken?

MrK: no

MrK: of u

MrK: and ur chicken if u want\

MrK: make it a sexy one

enrapture82: nooo im not sexy my chicken is

MrK: both of u then

enrapture82: ok gimme a sec

MrK: k

MrK: sexy one

enrapture82: dammit my chicken fell

MrK: lol

enrapture82: :-[

MrK: did u take ur pic

enrapture82: no im too mad my chicken fell

MrK: well take

enrapture82: No im mad >:o

enrapture82: my chickens dirty

MrK: soo

MrK: can i c ur pic plz

MrKwants to directly connect.

MrKis now directly connected.

enrapture82: im trying clean off my chicken

MrK: ok

enrapture82: so i can eat it

enrapture82: do u have a cam?

MrK: yes

enrapture82: ill take a pic if u take one fondling ur nose

enrapture82: cuz thats so hot


enrapture82: kay*YAY*

MrK: what do u mean by fodling

enrapture82: like fingerin it sexily

MrK: lol

MrK: k

MrK: ill try

enrapture82: YAY

enrapture82: i cant wait

MrK: thats as good as i can do (YES he actually Sent a pic!)

MrK: urs now

MrK: lol

enrapture82: Oo sexay fondle that nose

MrK: lol

MrK: take a sexy pic of u now

MrK: with now shirt

enrapture82: of my chicken

MrK: no

MrK: ok

MrK: that too

MrK: but u as wel

MrK: no top though

MrK: ok?

enrapture82: ok

enrapture82: gimme a sec

MrK: k

MrK: kool

enrapture82: (I send a hideous sagged old chicks pic over)

MrK: wheres ur chicken

MrK: is that u

enrapture82: ya arent I SexAY

MrK: kool

MrK: how old r u?

enrapture82: 32

MrK: lol

MrK: funny

MrK: lol

enrapture82: i am

MrK: how bout a full bod nude for me

MrK: so u dont mind im 14

enrapture82: will u call me mommy

enrapture82: and my chicken daddy

MrK: will u turn ur cam on or go on yahoo messenger

enrapture82: will u eat chicken

MrK: what kind

enrapture82: mine

MrK: k

MrK: put it in that wet pussy of urs

MrK: then illl come eat it and u out

MrK: sound good

enrapture82: ack dont eat me i wanna live

MrK: lol

MrK: can i c ur cam

enrapture82: can i c ur chicken

MrK: i dont have chicken

MrK: i have hotdog

MrK: lol

MrK: do u have yahoo messenger

enrapture82: i have chicken

MrK: seriously

MrK: then we can both go on cam

MrK: idk how to set mine up on sites

MrK: so yahoo works

enrapture82: i dont wanna go on cam u scare me, my chicken says ur gonna kill me

MrK: no

MrK: can u take a full body pic of u nude fingering urself

enrapture82: my chicken says i should run from u, she says ur not 14, ur a hairy monster

MrK: or use a toy

MrK: lol

MrK: will u?

enrapture82: will u kill me

MrK: no

enrapture82: u sure?

MrK: so u gonna?

MrK: yes

enrapture82: I have to go potty

MrK: k

MrK: take the cam with u

MrK: and do it

MrK: or on ur way back

MrK: get undressed

MrK: k

MrK: plz :-(

MrK: for me

enrapture82: i have to go potty so bad

MrK: lol

enrapture82: im farting

MrK: ok

MrK: but ur gonna take the pic

MrK: right?

enrapture82: ya i jes have to go potty

MrK: ok

enrapture82: dammnit im going in my underwearahh brb

MrK: lol

enrapture82: ok im back

MrK: k

MrK: did u take the pic yet

MrK: ?

enrapture82: u got my pic already

MrK: ur other pic

MrK: of u fully nude

MrK: fingering urself

MrK: ?

enrapture82: u got my pic

MrK: when

MrK: i only got one pic from u

enrapture82: i know

enrapture82: wasnt it hot

MrK: i wanna c another one

MrK: yea

MrK: of u fingering urself

enrapture82: u got one already

MrK: i want another

enrapture82: NO

MrK: ill take one

MrK: plz:-(

MrK: ok

enrapture82: i said no No

MrK: may i ask y not?

enrapture82: cuz i said no, ur gonna kill me

MrK: no i wont

MrK: :-):-(;-):-P=-O:-*>:o8-):-$:-!:-[O:-):-\:'(:-X:-D

enrapture82: u will

MrK: no

MrK: i like nudity

enrapture82: SHUTUP AND DIE

MrK: y would i kill one of my sources

MrK: no


MrK: lol

MrK: haha

MrK: plz

MrK: just one more pic or ur cam link

enrapture82: Our father who art in heaven

enrapture82: hail mary full of grace

MrK: shut up and die urself

enrapture82: the lord is with thee

enrapture82: blessed art thou among women

enrapture82: and blessed is the fruit of thy womb jesus

enrapture82: holy mary mother of god

enrapture82: oray for mrK

enrapture82: now and at the hour of his death

enrapture82: amen

MrK: lol

MrK: shut-up

MrK: take another pic

enrapture82: now i lay mrK down to sleep

MrK: or i will take one of me and my nose

enrapture82: i pray the lord his soul to keep

enrapture82: if he shall die b4 he wakes

MrK: kjfgv

enrapture82: i pray the lord his soul to take

MrK: hnj

MrK: et ab

MrK: j dt

MrK: as j ui

MrK: tj il

MrK: ynuyd t

enrapture82: (and if he doesnt die take him anyways)

MrK: ry 658m7

MrK: rt jy

MrK: thw sdur

MrK: was saw was saw ass ass as as were were

MrK: hahahahahahaha

enrapture82: HAHAHAHAHAHA

MrK: hahahahahahahhahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahah


enrapture82: my Hahas are bigger

MrK: haha haha ha ha

enrapture82: my penis is prolly bigger than urs too

MrK: hahahahahahahahahahahaha

MrK: no

MrK: mine is