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Wedding burnout and flaky family (grr)

May 12, 2009

Ugh..I think I’m reaching the point where I am just ready to walk down the aisle, enjoy the day and go back to normal. Don’t get me wrong – I’m extremely excited about getting married and our wedding…I just think I took too much on and am honestly just tired of all things wedding (and I still have a million and a half things I still need to do!). I’m actually scheduling final vendor appointments by e-mail as I type this blog..started my dress fittings last night and meet with my florist for a final time on Monday! I also still have to…

  • Write vows
  • Print and cut the menus
  • Design, print and cut the ceremony programs
  • Design, print and cut place cards and table numbers
  • Finish sewing and stuffing the ringbearer pillows
  • Sew my veil
  • Decorate the baskets I bought for the flower girls
  • Plan the ceremony
  • Figure out favors
  • Figure out must take photos and a must play/do-not play list
  • Etch and embellish toasting glasses
  • Buy groomsman gifts
  • Make my hydrangea hair pins
  • Tie ribbons on bubbles
  • 1,000,456 final vendor meetings and dress fittings
  • + a bunch of things I’m sure I’m forgetting!

People are making me mad by flaking out on even coming to the wedding too. Sure, it’s a holiday weekend and it’s in Rochester…but half (if not more!) of the declines I’m getting are from family who initially said they were “so excited” to come and they “couldn’t wait”, and they knew then when and where it was! I guess you see people’s true colors in situations like this. I was raised to know while sometimes you may not be ultra excited to dress up and drive out to whoevers shower or wedding..you do it if they are family. It’s just the adult thing to do. -Especially- if they have gone to all of your things. I have people declining with not even the etiquette to leave a little note to say sorry..and I’ve been to a few of their bridal showers, weddings AND baby showers. It’s unbelievably rude. To make a long story short we’ve invited over 175 people and are going to be lucky if 60 come. To meet the minimum cost we have to upgrade the hell out of everything (we don’t save money if we have less people..we HAVE to spend a certain amount regardless)..So we are probably goign to have a 5 hour open bar with top of the line liquors, a chocolate fountain AND an italian desserts table..on top of the 4 course dinner and wedding cake. Yep. People who come will be shown one hell of a party..the ones who don’t can suck my ass if they want me at their communions, weddings and showers in the future.

It probably doesn’t help that the most successful part of my business and work is wedding stationery items (place cards, table numbers, favor tags and thank you cards). I spent all afternoon cutting out 400 favor tags for one girl! I live and breathe and work all things wedding right now.

My shower is Sunday and I’m excited for that (amidst being peeved about people, urgh). My mom has been working so hard on it and is so excited too. She’s having it at her house and I’m looking forward to seeing some friends I haven’t seen in a longgg time. I’m hoping I don’t go all cry baby that day. I’m an extremely sensitive, cry at the drop of a hat kind of person as it is..but now with feeling stressed and burned out lately and the big day only a month and ahalf away (almost 50 days!) I am realllly emotional. Lots of waterproof makeup for me I guess.

Once the weddings over we have our honeymoon in Outerbanks NC where we rented our own house on the beach for a week..so I’m very excited to see the ocean for the first time and finally just relax for the first time in awhile. Then I can return to normal life (still continuing my design/wedding business of course) and maybe at the end of the year start trying to have a family?:)

BTW – Random Lilly Fact (or RLF): I have a water bottle I carry around on weekdays in attempt to get the daily amount of water I’m supposed to have every day to help me look skinny for the wedding. When I fill my bottle I prefer to fill it in the upstairs bathroom. It just tastes better than the water in the kitchen. thend.

Engagement party and my stupid laptop.

September 24, 2008

Oh, hello there! An update..yippee! Not really. I’m pretty boring! So what’s new on the lilly front? Not much..just having our engagement party get together this weekend..SOoo, I’m planning for that amid the normal muck of everyday life.

We are having a small gathering at our house Saturday afternoon as sort of an engagement party. Basically, we are finally getting both of our parents (and step-parents) into one place, so they can finally meet each other. We figured this would be a nice beginning to a long list of wedding festivities and to-dos, and we also figured it would make things less awkward ont he big day if everyone had already met and talked previously. So long as everyone gets along I guess! We aren’t doing anything big – just a small barbeque of burgers and hot dogs, some homemade baked beans and baked desserts. If everyone feels up to it we may also head to the wedding venue to show them where we will be saying our I dos. Should be fun! The cleaning and prepping the house beforehand..eh..not so much.

I’m also back on a more strict diet on weekdays like I was doing a year ago when I lost the first 10-12 pounds. The wedding day is approaching a lot faster than we thought it would..so I know I need to get back in gear now to be the petite bride I am hoping to be. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty small and in shape now..but I like how my face looks better (more defined?) when I’m 135-140lbs..so I want to lose at last 5-10 pounds in the next 9 months. I’m starting now because I know the colder weather holidays are coming upon us now..so if I focus on losing now it won’t be a big deal if I gain a couple during the holiday parties. (Makes it easier to lose everything after January 1st rolls around if I lost some before I pigged out!) So far it has only been a week or so, so nothing really in regards to weight change yet..but it’s a slow process so I’ll be patient. Not eating whatever I want sucks though, and makes me cranky. If I was granted wishes one would definitely be to be able to eat whatever I want, whenever I want..and still be tiny and in shape. It takes qay to long to exercise off 100 calories..compared to the minute or so it takes to consume them!

*Rant* Lastly, my laptop is stupid. It always loses it’s wireless internet connection and sometimes won’t even open firefox. I broke down and reinstalled windows on it today thinking it would solve my problem, but it is not plug and play at all (or fast for that matter..256 mb ram?? UGH!)..so it still needs working internet drivers that don’t suck. The dell support site has about 102 different drivers for networking..Which one do I use turdnuts at dell? Could you be any less helpful? I finally found and installed one that will connect to internet..but it takes about 2 minutes to load each page, regardless of being on a cable connection. Fuck you laptop. I hate you. I have a million things to do on my blogs and web businesses, and I’m forced to sit on my desktop in the basement because despite spending 6 hours on the laptop, it still acts like a piece of splooge. WHen the wedding is over and we pay off our debt..I NEED an up to date laptop…and a couch. Our couch is also a bumpy lumpy turd. *huff*

And I’m off!

People in Rochester NY can't drive.

April 21, 2008

Since moving to Rochester NY I’ve experienced an overwhelming amount of people who simply cannot drive. It’s unbelievably crazy. Now, I’m sure you’re thinking..wait..it’s only an hour from Buffalo, it can’t be all -that- different, right?! Wrong! Well mostly. While the people in Buffalo also are no fun to drive with, it’s because they drive like assholes, but most are not lacking actual driving skill. Make sense?


Buffalo: Driving 60 in a 30, they ride your ass if you aren’t going fast enough, even if you’re going 10 over speed limit…tons of people cutting you off..people crossing double yellow lines to pass in oncoming traffic because they MUST GET THERE NOW OMGZ.

Rochester: Complete lack of turn signals, stopping at non-existent stop signs, driving when they don’t have the right of way, staying in lanes when there have been lane ending signs for thousands of feet, only to continue being stubborn (or stupid?) and continue driving down the median just so they don’t have to follow the signs… and the worst – completely not paying attention to where they dangerously swerve into other lanes

To give you an example of just how bad it is, Ry and I have almost had 3 accidents in under 7 days from people almost hitting us. First some dumb ass in a silver Olds Alero couldn’t understand a lane shift on West Ridge Road, and when the lanes shifted..she didn’t..and instead continues straight at my Sunfire’s right front wheel area. BEEP! Ok, phew..avoided! Now that was Saturday. Today, on the way to work some dumb bitch in a hyundai on Maiden swerved into oncoming traffic right at Ry, only to jerk back into  her lane after he has swerved himself into the shoulder, laying on the horn. Stupid whore kept right on driving as if nothing happened even though she could have easily killed him since they were both going about 40. She’s lucky a bunch of school kids weren’t crossing the street since it was that time in the morning. You think that’d be enough bad drivers for a few days but nope..another dumb punani almost hit us on our way to taking Totoro to the vet. Both have the green, we’re making a right..she’s making a left..we have the right of way..she goes anyways and almost takes our side out. Wow. Driving in Rochester is like gambling with your life. How are people so fucking ridiculously stupid and careless behind the wheel? You’re in a giant moving weapon, the least you could do is turn off your stupid cellphones, stop playing with your radios and learn how to follow simple traffic rules. It just blows my mind how bad it is around here. We were in Toronto and it was amazing how well everyone there drove compared to here and Buffalo. Their Highways were packed bumped to bumper at rush hour times and still moved efficiently without a problem. It was like watching frogger in front of us as cars darted in and out of lanes to enter and exit the highway..and yet stayed polite..following traffic rules, using turn signals…Hell, even the people there were much nicer. Poo on you Rochester drivers.

Is February the worst month of the year?

February 18, 2008

I haven’t decided. I think it may be..although it could be tied with January and March. Eh. Unno. I’m just so sick of the cold, the snow, the wind..the ice. I want to throw windows and doors open and get fresh air through the house..Go outside for a walk with Zoe. Hell, I even miss mowing the lawn at this point. I just want some warmer weather so I can get outside. I think I live in the wrong area. Maybe eventually when one of my entrepreneur ventures hits it big (sortof?) Ry and I will be able to grab up a winter home somewhere warm. That’s our dream. I don’t plan on picking up everything and completely leaving the Western NY simply because we are just too family oriented. In a few years we’d like to maybe start having a family..and I want my parents and his parents to be within reach to visit as often as possible. Grandparents are so important in a kids life. Plus, I’d miss them all too. I hope February flies by..and March too. I need some warm weather before I go nutty.

On another note, Ry put a deposit on a kitty. He will be ready to come home with us in the beginning of April and we are so excited. I am, however, dreading the whole integrating him into our family..specifically our Maltese Zoe. She tips the scale at 3.8 pounds, full grown..and couldn’t be more emo and bi-polar if she tried. I don’t know how she’s going to react to him, but I have a good idea. I am pretty sure she’s going to be hiding behind me, on my lap..leaking pee in fear..the works. Has anyone dealt with a situation like this? Any tips would be helpful! She’s gotta get used to him, that’s just life..I’m just worried the process in between is going to be a long, annoying road.

I haven’t been up to anything new since my last entry.. I did get my craft supplies in the mail and began needle-felting a wool version of my ferret Ashe..so far so good! It’s just a basic white ferret form right now and already looks pretty good. I’m proud of my first try! 😀 As soon as it’s complete I’ll be sure to throw some picshere on the blog.

(Warning, Ranting ahead!) On another completely off topic note, is anyone else watching Big Brother 9 on CBS? It’s a pretty disappointing season so far, but I guess it’s not very surprising. (I’m sortof embarassed to even admit I’m watching the junk! lol) The current guests are blatantly rejects who couldn’t make it on the regular summer shows..(not that the previous BB8 summer cast was that much of a step up from them….)  but yeah. I already can’t stand most of the house. First there’s Sheila..an old ex-playboy model who’s not all -that- bad looking for her age but whose personality just ruins whatever she did have going for her. Constant whining about her partner. Constantly. Which I don’t understand..you’re there to win money aren’t you? Not to marry or fuck the guy..suck it up and play the game. It’s why you’re there. Next there’s Allison. I actually thought I could’ve rooted for her for the first 5 minutes of the game (maybe)..until her true colors came out when Ryan told her he was dating Jen. The completely psychotic jealous bitch knew the guy maybe 1-3 days, started getting a crush on him..finds out hes dating someone in the house and gets mad/jealous. How do you know a guy a couple days and them get catty at his girlfriend of 9 months for being his girlfriend. Psycho. She’s an example of why most of my friends are guys. The guys in the house, however, aren’t a good example. I think the guy I hate most is Matt, an extremely cocky boston prick who’s not the least bit attractive. Sure, he has great eyes, but doesn’t the rest of his face need to be attractive too? He just acts like a complete asshole. In the live Showtime feeds apparently his partner Natalie has been giving him BJs and after she finished him he told her to stop touching him, that she was too sweaty..and not to get attached to him. I’d have knocked the guy in the mouth! I can’t stand the double standard either. Sure, she’s pretty skanky to be giving BJs to a guy shes known a couple days on national tv..but hes a skank too. Oral takes 2 people guys! He’s a skank, she’s a skank. The end.

Wasn’t that a fun entry? Aren’t you glad you read my site?!*sarcasm* 😀 I need to pee now. Kthx.


February 6, 2008

When people said wedding planning was gonna be insane I believed them and yet thought ya I’m sure it is, but it’ll be so fun! What was I thinking? We have over a year before the big day, but when you sit down and look, realllly look, at how much every little thing costs..it blows your mind. As 25 and 26 year old homeowners we really don’t have 20 grand laying around to produce a moderate wedding. Oi! I’m sure we’ll figure something out..it’s just crazy how so many businesses in the industry charge insane prices for work that should cost much less..and they do it because they have all the engaged couples by the balls because who else is going to do their job? For instance, videography.. plain old bring your camera to the ceremony and reception and tape 5-6 hours…$1,100?!? Thats just 6 hours of unedited raw documentary footage. Apparently I’m in the wrong business! I wish I was making $183 dollars an hour to be at someones event holding a camera and eating a catered meal every Saturday evening. Oh well, at least we have ample time to straighten everything out.

I don’t feel so hot today, and didn’t yesterday either, just because I’ve allowed myself to get so worked up over the planning situation. I feel feverish. I still need to get my run or bike in today though. Poo.